Sunday, June 14, 2009

Poll is over,,, No decision made

Today Dixie and I are in Laredo Texas. It is really hot (108 yesterday) and to think we were complaining about Wyoming being cold. The Poll about relinking to Run For The Wall is closed. 4 votes, 3 yes 1 no. No decision made, will probably wait until next year to decide.

My earlier report about the Run being over was definitely premature. A few days ago I ran into Cadillac Lady. Well at least I saw her and a few of her friends leaving a hotel next to the Buckeye AZ truck stop I was in. I ran over to her (I am sure she was more than a little worried about a truck driver running towards her in a parking lot) and said hi. After recognizing me hugs were exchanged. It turns out that she has not been home yet. Some day I too will take a couple of months to see the country. I see a lot of the Country now, but would like to stop at all those historical markers, and see all the countless places I cannot go to now with a big truck. It was nice to see a friend and know that she was enjoying her vacation. I also heard from my friend Reg from Australia. He will be heading home soon. When he returned his rental Harley they noted a few scratches (mostly on the pegs from his little encounter on the Dragon, in North Carolina.) but he said the insurance covered it.
Well that is about it today. Hot and waiting for a decision, not about the poll but about work, I am hoping they won't make me wait till tomorrow to get out of here, because it really is hot.

Dave Talley