Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Here is a Poll about DC's new Ride

Please vote frequently and nicely on this question. I will forward the results to DC. You can pick multiple answers too. Speak up and let the man know how you feel about his ride.

Clyde the Motorcycle....

Clyde to Bounce....I need new oil, and a my valves set.....not to mention a bath.

Spring will get here Eventually

Today I am waiting for roads to clear in Missouri. Boonville, MO to be exact. It is really cold, and there was a 6 inch snow storm last night. But I cannot blame the state as they are working to clean up the roads as much as they can. I just cannot drive on ice. I learned that lesson on Christmas Eve when I got stuck in of all places Fort Worth Texas on ice.

A quick shout out to Velcroe, she does a great job on the RFTW news letters.

I have a friend that does the Run, his nickname is DC. Not sure why but it fits, we call him Day Care, cause he is pretty young. This year he bought a new bike for the run. My first reaction to it was that he had grown up and bought an adult bike. Then of course he modified the darn thing, and now it looks just like his old bike, with hard bags instead of soft ones. He may even put the spikes on it and it will really be a reincarnation of his old bike. He did put Ape Hanger handle bars on it, so it sort of resembles Pato's bike now, minus the googly eyes (but of course that might be coming). DC is the guy that fixed Clyde after he got hit by the truck, and he is really a great guy. Some folks are giving him static over his "Retrofitting, and reverse engineering" of his new bike, but hey it looks pretty good.