Saturday, July 4, 2009

Everything Happens for a Reason

On Thursday I had to drive from my house to Sheboygan Wisconsin to have my fingerprints taken to complete my Commercial Drivers License renewal.

I won't get into all the phone calls, and other things I had to do to get this appointment. Lets just say it was not fun. I got there early, and the technician was there so I completed it about three hours ahead of schedule. I then drove home. On the way I stopped for gas, and got something to eat, and I also got caught in a large traffic jam. It was not a real bad jam, but it delayed me by about thirty minutes. Finally I was on my way home, listening to oldies on a local radio station.

I noticed a large cloud of dust on the road ahead of me, and saw a few cars stop. Then to my right I saw a Sport Utility Vehicle that had rolled over. I pulled off the road and ran over to the car. The wheels were still spinning so I guessed that this was why there was a cloud of dust. I was the first person to get to the vehicle. When I went around the front of it I noticed the windshield was completely shattered. and I could see people moving. That was a relief because my mind had run through the other possibilities, all not so good. I got to the top of the car, and another guy, he later told me he was an off duty Outagamie County Sheriff's deputy helped me get the drivers door open. This door seemed very heavy to hold up. But since it was the only way any one was getting out of the car I held it up. The Deputy helped the driver out of the car. A few more guys came up and got the back door open too. The rest of the passengers climbed out that way. There was a second lady in the front seat the started to climb out and she was afraid that the car would roll back on its wheels so I helped her jump down from the roof. As it turns out there were several off duty police and sheriffs people there. One little girl from the back seat had a head cut. There was a nurse there that immediately started treating her for shock and took care of the bleeding. I shook hands with the Deputy that had helped me get the door open, told him I was a truck driver, and that since he had a vest on and was controlling traffic I was going to get my pickup out of there.

I have stopped to help people on the road before, mostly with flat tires, and there was the one accident back in 2000 where a flatbed had rolled over and I helped get the driver and his dog out of the truck, and in 2001 a student and I saw a pickup hit a guard wall in Idaho and sat with the folks from that one on the side of the road till the police came so they would not freeze to death. Lastly there was Run For The Wall 2008 when I stopped and pulled a bike of a friend on the road into Angel Fire NM. That happened at almost the exact same curve that I got clipped my a truck in 2007. But this is the first time I have helped with anything this serious. I have rolled a vehicle once, and everything happens so slowly, and there are things flying everywhere. Most of them are things you never think of and they are hard and hurt when they hit you in the head. I do not know if this vehicle went all the way over, or if everyone, or anyone had their seat belts on. I am just glad I was there to help. There were a lot of folks there, but almost none of them wanted to approach the vehicle to help.

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. I had to drive over 325 miles to get my fingerprints done. I got caught in a traffic jam that held me up just long enough that I was in the right place at the right time to help those people. Everything happens for a reason.

Dave Talley

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Spidey Is blogging again

I have been following a blog by Spidey. He is a very intelligent young man and I count him as a friend. He is part of my extended Run For The Wall Family. The link to his new blog is listed below here, and I will put it in this entry as well. I think his trip is a wonderful thing, and I am glad that he is writing about it. His blog on the Run For The Wall is great too. It is also linked to this blog.

I may open up a new blog too. But I will still write here too. I try not to get into politics here, so I may open up a blog to rant about politicians.

I passed my written test for my Hazardous Materials Handling on my Commercial Drivers License, and today I get to drive about 300 miles so that I can get fingerprinted for a background check so that I can continue to do my job. I may look for new line of work. But if all truck drivers would unite, I would not have to do this. Truck drivers just cannot agree on anything.

There is an old joke about military guys, that I have adapted to truck drivers.

If you put five truck drivers in a small room with a table, and gave each of the a pencil and a piece of paper and told them that they had an hour to decide what color the paint in the room (a room painted white) was. When you came back in an hour they would all be beat up, their clothes would be shredded, the table and chairs would be broken, the pencils would be broken, and the paper would be gone. If you asked them what happened they would deny knowledge of anything happening, and would still not be able to tell you what color the room was. Krazy Karl agrees with me that this would happen. I think he agrees with me that someone should do something about this.
I may try. OK that is a political as I will get here. I will put the new blog Addy up when and if I start it.

Spidey's new blog is

you can either copy and paste the above to your browser window, or just go to the end of this blog and click on the link there.

OK that is it for today, I have to go get fingerprinted.


Monday, June 29, 2009

Home at last again

(Picture is of Bear and Randy)
Dixie and I are home again at last. In the next three days I have to help Judy finish moving, get my license renewed and get some fishing in. I doubt that I will get to go fishing, but I have to renew the license and finish the move. We have been here about 8 hours, and already Dixie has managed to eat her fill of dry cat food,and make a new friend. The foster Collie Amber is here, and her and Dixie seem to have hit it off pretty well. She has also reestablished who is boss in the pecking order of dogs here. That is she has kicked Bear's butt. Bear is our 85 pound Rottweiler German Shepard mix. Randy the Old Collie could care less, and she has also chased at least two cats, she insists that if they run she has to chase them. But she is pretty happy to be out of the truck again. She will get into a routine soon.

We will continue to search for a good home for her. I love her, and she is a good dog, but I cannot keep her on the truck with me, it simply is not fair to her. She loves being there, but her world closes down a little more every day that she is on the truck. She needs to be with people, and especially kids. I think that it is a good thing that I found her in that truck stop almost a year ago. She would not have survived too many more days in that heat, and she was pretty sick too boot. So in short if anyone is looking for a smart happy little dog (at 35 pounds Dixie is still little compared to Bear) who love to ride, and has learned to bark on command, and give hi fives and low fives then maybe Dixie the Wander Dog is the dog for you. She is a lovable mutt and is very well house and truck broken. She also walks pretty good on a leash, but we are working on that whole "heel" concept. She still thinks that means I am supposed to follow her. But I suspect that she really understands it, she just does not like doing it. She will sit if you stop walking, and if you tell her to take a break she will pee even if she just did it. Pretty good considering she sometimes goes eleven hours without a break.

Well that is it for now.

Dave Talley