Saturday, May 10, 2014

Day one of last leg to the Run done

Today my Brother and I left Colorado Springs to head out to L.A. for the 26th annual Run for the wall.  We had planned to go across I-70 through Utah and down I-15 through Las Vegas to L.A., but old man winter has not given up on the mountains just yet.  We found a little ice on the road in the Shadows.  Called the third rider that is with us to see if he had left yet, he had been trying to call my Brother all morning because he did not want to deal with Vail pass, so we met him and went south to I-40.  In the process we picked up a 4th rider.  We also met several very nice folks on the way.  Almost all of them have been walking up to one, or all of us and thanking us for our service.  The vests we wear have patches indicating that we are Vets.  I have had this experience before, and this is nothing new, but it is always really cool.  We met one gentleman today, who is a Vietnam Vet, who said he thought the nutty part of what we are doing is going all the way out to L.A., California just to turn around and go to Washington D.C..  He did appreciate what we are doing, just thought it was a little nuts.  We all agreed with him, and my brother said "Some one has to do it."  He is right, if we did not do this did not make a big deal and ride across country like we do no one would remember, and we can never forget that this country has left way too many behind.

We are in Gallup, and the Mayor is coming to see us.  This is very cool because he is a friend, and a great guy too.   He redid my Brother and Sister-In-Law's wedding vows in 2011 and her ring needs to be repaired, he has graciously offered to get that done.  He is a great guy, and Gallup is lucky to have him.

Well 0630 comes early, I am going to head to bed as soon as Jackie McKinney get here.

Thanks for reading.

aka the truck whisperer.

Oh I almost forgot, I jumped down a truck driver's throat with both feet today, I asked him to back off, he pulled a radio Rambo and told me not to tell him how to drive his truck, I told him that our bikes could stop in 150 feet, his truck stops in 540 feet, either back off because my Brother's trailer was reacting badly to the wind we were in, or go around us.  This was a Tyson Driver I got his truck number, but he backed off, and then went around us, so no problem.  I was pretty firm, but polite, and I wiped my boots off before jumping down his tailgating throat.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Run for The Wall

This blog is not dedicated to this motorcycle event, but I as the writer tend to be.  I am en-route to do this mission for the 9th time.  7 times all the way and 2 times I joined on the way.   It is hard to explain why this mission is so important to those of us who do it.  Shadow says that some have quit their jobs to do it if they could not get the required time off, he is correct.  This year for the second time we have three separate routes, and one mission, and we are one big happy family.  We seldom agree with each other on much, except the mission, and that we can not stop doing it until Congress brings everyone home.

The recent news of the Marine in Mexico and his treatment and the ignoring of this treatment by the same people who say we must be nice to illegal aliens here, and SSgt Bergdahl still being held as a POW in Afgahnistan is horrible.

As far as I can tell nothing is being done for either of these individuals, they do not meet the narrative of the national media.  Fox News is reporting on them, but unless you get your news from the internet you have never heard of either of them.  I myself am ashamed that I do not know the Marine's name, and that he was captive for 60 days before I knew of it. 

We who do the run for the wall stop at monuments, memorials, VA hospitals, and schools on our ten day trek across country.

27 years ago was the First Rolling Thunder Parade in Washington D.C.  and 26 years ago was the first Run for the Wall.   Millions have participated in Rolling Thunder, and Thousands have participated in Run For the Wall.
Then of course there is all the support that goes into making Run for the Wall possible.  Thousands of folks wait every year for us to come.  I have never been in the planning of the event, but always in support of leadership during the event.  I guess it must be hard with so many communities wanting us to stop.  If we could we would stop at all of them, but then the trip would take ten times the ten days we have to do it. 
We start in Los Angelas, (actually now Rancho Cucamunga a suburb of LA) and we go to Washington D.C.
The trip could be done in 4 or 5 days, but with all the commitments we have it takes us ten days.
It is a good ride, but it is an intense ride.
The original group rode in parade formation all the way across, without much support.  In fact most of the time they could not even buy a cup of coffee in most towns.  They were thought to be some kind of motorcycle gang, not the event that they were.  A few places welcomed them, Kansas Abate paid their tolls there, Wentzville MO a gas station owner (may he rest in peace) bought them gas.  Then of course the West Virginia Turn Pike refused to do as Kansas had been so gratuitous to do.  So the original Run took the Midland Trail around the turn pike.  That put the Run in Rainelle WV, and it was a wonderful thing, and is a wonderful story.  It is told by one of the founders of the Run on much better than I can tell it, cause he was there.
Today when we do the run, at least on the Central Route, and I am pretty sure this happens on the other two routes too, every over pass as we head east has someone on it. Rain or shine, hot or cold, they wait to see us thunder under them, or past them, or sometimes through them as in the case of Junction City KS, where people line the streets with flags.  Then there is all the food, I lose weight on the Run, but do not know how, we get free breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.  This year we have several fuel stops that are being paid for by groups or individuals.

The fact that 25 years ago there were no POW/MIA flags flying  anywhere, and today they fly at rest areas, capitol buildings, and military bases shows that what we do has an impact.  We do this mission for POW/MIA awareness, and we also do it to promote healing for veterans of all wars.  Many of our riders are veterans of the war on terror.  This year we will have participants and supporters from WWII, Korea, the Cold War, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, and Afgahnistan.  As we the Cold war Vets, and the Korean Vets, and WWII Vets, and the Vietnam Vets get older the younger folks will carry on for us.  I for one will do this run until I cannot hold a bike up, then I may go on trike.
The riding is not easy, it is not a Party, nor is it a Rally, it is a mission, and like any mission you do not have to like it, but once committed to it you just have to do it.
I like the stops, I like the family feel of it, but I really do not like the riding.  I enjoy riding to and from the Run, but the Run itself requires constant focus, a little mistake by one rider can get a lot of people hurt bad.  We have had accidents, and unfortunately we have had people die coming and going to the Run.

I pray everyone gets to CA safely, and that all three routes have good weather and safe travels.  I thank all of you who support our efforts, even though thank you is not enough, it is all I have.


Thursday, May 8, 2014

pictures of the third leg of my Run to the Run

here are pics of my junk that I loaded into Clyde, and before and after loading pictures of Clyde, and me ready to roll.  I also got a really nice picture of the sunset at York, Nebraska too.

Goofy I know but hey it is my blog.  It is not dedicated to Run For the Wall, but I am.

Safe and Sound in Coloraodo Springs, and except for Vail Pass, it is an all downhill trip from here.

I am safe and sound at my Brother Bob Shore Party's house. He and his wife Penny aka Sage Owl, allow me to visit here every year on my Run to the Run.  Bob and I leave for California on Sunday, which is Mothers Day.  I left early from Wisconsin to avoid rain, and except for a few sprinkles in Denver I did it.  First time in 10 trips that I didn't get wet.

The pictures above deserve some explanation. The first is the center of Clyde's fairing, it is a decal that Shore Party put on him in 2005.  Gives him character, and reminds me of why I ride.
The Second is Krazy Karl Hartz, in DC with a T-shirt some cool school kids gave him at the wall.  Karl doesn't ride with us anymore, and I miss him and his guidance and support on the Run.  Well I miss it in person.   He follows with this blog and my emails that I send to Stevens Transport folks, and he reminds me of things, and chews on me for others.  Which is good keeps me honest, but I still miss his Yankee Voice on the CB.

The last picture is of a Security Police Badge with a black ribbon on it.  That is for all the guys and gals that have lost their lives in the line of duty, protecting and serving.  I dedicated my ride one year to a friend from Technical School and Air Base Ground Defense School, he died in a chopper crash a long time ago.  I have ridden for him pretty much every time I have done the Run.  Chuck I miss you too.

We had a discussion way back in 1977 about what we would do after we got out of the Air Force (we called it the "war" back then but as a joke).  We decided that we would grow pony tails and beards and ride motorcycles from coast to coast (Like Bronson  a 70's Television show) and that too became a joke.  We needed it cause Tech school was tough, and the Air Base Ground Defense school was tougher.  But we got through it.
So Chuck, I now have a pony tail (will get pictures and maybe a video of it getting cut off this year.  I plan to donate it to Locks of Love in Chuck's name) that will be cut off on the Run this year.  

OK that is it for today, have a check call to type.

Thanks everyone for reading this blog.  If you enjoy it leave a comment, if you want to know something leave a comment, if you don't like something leave a comment.
I moderate the comments, but I do not edit them. Unmoderated comments open the door for spammers and kids at Rainelle sometimes read this thing.

Thanks again,
and Clyde you did great getting me here old horse, keep up the good work

The Truck Whisperer

Monday, May 5, 2014

Thoughts from Clyde

Bounce changed my oil, kept my battery warm and charged all winter, had that wonderful Troy Donahue @ Donahue Super Sports check me and my tires over.  He has not overloaded me this year, so I guess I will heed Marmoset's advice and keep the rubber on the road and the shiny side up.

Day 1 of my Run to the Run

Not real exciting stuff.   I was pretty happy though, got everything on the bike in about 5 minutes.  It all fits, and I have room for a passenger too.  I am camping so I have a tent, a sleeping bag, and a pillow.  I also packed enough clothes that I won't have to do wash but once or twice on the Run.  Add to that my laptop, the Camera that Stevens gave me so I could take pictures, tools, and leathers.  Everything fit nicely and is balanced well.  \ I even have room for some souvenirs, now if I just had the cash for them.  Planning checklist
1) laptop packed, check
2) tent packed, check
3) sleeping bag (I actually have two just in case it gets warm) check
4) Air Mattress and inflater packed, check
5) home made trail mix  packed, check
6) camera packed, check
7) Sirius Radio system rewired and installed, check
8) Garmin GPS mounted, check
9) Daily check call for today sent check

All I have left to do is finish this blog entry eat dinner, get some sleep (yeah right like most of us on the Run I feel like a kid at Christmas probably not much sleep tonight.  If I wake up early then breakfast early and leave early.  Weather looks good all the way across to Colorado.  A little cool in the morning, but no rain called for.  It actually snowed last night abot 100 miles north of here.  Wheres Homer mentioned snow on Face Book, and look what happens.

That is it for today.


Sunday, May 4, 2014

News flash... There is an Vietnam Vet riding a three wheeled scooter from Utah to Florida If you see him thank him for his service and welcome him home.

I copied the following from a post on Face book from a friend to the Mayor of Gallup, NM, another friend"

Mayor its close to time for the run lil and I are excited I would like you to know that you will be having a Viet Nam vet coming through Gallup soon. Ray Black is his name and he is on a 3 wheel scooter with a trailer on his way from Utah to Florida. At this time Ray is In Ship Rock till at least Tuesday, Our chapter of V V A 961 is sponsoring his journey. You can't miss his rig or him very colorful. Please tell people you know to watch for him and check on him for us. many of the R F T W may see him so they should know to watch for him. It is going to take him about 83 days to finish his trip tell all your biker buddies. It would be a good news scoop.
thanks Jackie see you soon
Doug & Lillian Hunt
central route merchandise

If you see this guy and you are driving your truck let off a little steam to show you appreciate him.  If you get the chance thank him for his service and welcome him home.  He is not doing Run for the wall, he is just making his way to Florida.

They call it house keeping, I call it things I forgot

Just a short post today,
I forgot to mention a few things about my Run to the Run and what I do on Run for the Wall.

First, Stevens Transport is a great company to work for, and they support all their employees, and they have a lot of Veterans working for them.  So if you know anyone looking for a good paying job that is just getting out of the military, tell them to look up a Stevens Recruiter.  Truck driving is not for everyone, there is so much more to it than just the driving, but until the Government regulates it to the point that no one will do it, it is a pretty rewarding way to work.l

Stevens paid for my airfare home and back to work, not because they have too, but because I asked for the support, Stevens gave me a great camera so there will be pictures, and now that I have the right video card videos too.

Stevens is giving me the time to do the run, they allow me the extended leave of absence needed to participate.   I had to earn the money to cover my bills for May and part of June, and of course the cost of the run, but that was easy since they dispatched me 141000+ miles in 10 months.

My Wife lets me work harder than I have too, so that I can do the Run, but even with all the miles I get home when I want to, and when she needs me to be there.

The only requirement I received from Stevens Management was to update them with a email on my progress, when they said that I said "Sure what is the email address, I will add you to my list"  they gave it.

So now it is May, I will be posting here pretty much every day.

Here is what I sent to the 38 folks on my email list today

Hi all,
If you are getting this it is because you are on my list to receive information about my Ride to California and more importantly Run For The Wall.  For the folks in safety the web page is  There are three routes and they are listed there.  Please try to let our drivers know that while the Run is moving traffic will be disrupted.  Departure and arrival times are listed for each route.  I will try to give numbers of bikes on all three, but Central route, the one I am on is the only one I can promise accurate numbers for.   

These emails will have pictures, and this is not the complete list, and it is not a closed list.

Please share these emails as you see fit, and if there is anyone who wants to be added let me know.  Now that I have figured out the new yahoo, it is pretty easy to add to it.

Thanks again to those who made this possible, list is almost as long as the list for this email, but you folks know who you are.

Dave Talley
Aka  Bounce the Truck Whisperer  (Cause someone has to calm them down)
Aka  Dances with Semi's
Aka  Semi Slayer   (Clyde the motorcycle has promised not to damage any Semi's on the road to Angel Fire this year. But that won't be a problem since the State of New Mexico is shutting the road down completely once we are on it.)
The story of why I call my motorcycle Clyde is in this blog, and the story of how I became Bounce on RFTW is also in this blog.

Thanks for reading....I am stoked and ready to roll.