Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day Five Done, tomorrow we are in Injun Country

Finished Day Five today, Breakfast was awesome, the weather has been great the last two days, just a little rain last night before we left Colorado, and today it was in the80's.  We have a little over 300 bikes in the pack.  Leadership is OK, but could be firmer but what do I know.  Attitude of the trucks is changing, they support what we are doing, but the way some folks are riding the trucks are really scared that someone will get killed.  I have relayed this to leadership, they are working it, but if it does not change, I know how to get to DC and will just go there on my own. Enough negative, I do not control the pack I just ride in it, and it will get better.  If I have to leave it will be because of time constraints and not any thing any rider, or person other than a rider does.  I do what I do for my own reasons.


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