Friday, May 1, 2015

This years adventure starts Tuesday, or IT IS MAY!!!!!

Well it has been a while since I posted here.  Not for any other reason than I have been really busy lately.  Turned in over 4700 miles for last week, so I've been driving a lot.  I had a student for all those miles, but when he was driving I was sleeping.

Troy the wonder mechanic at Donahue Super Sports has finished redoing Clyde's transmission.  I know he got the tires on, and I hope he double checked all the radio connections.  I will find out Monday when I go to pick the old boy up.

Completed my lease, packed all my truck junk into 90 day storage, and I have a round trip airline ticket to Wausau for Sunday.  I am going to go to the yard in the morning and sit in on the driver review board, and visit with a friend.  Then back to the motel triple check that everything is packed, and then Sunday early J&R picks me up and takes me to the airport.

I will be official again this year and have a great team lined up, so it will be a lot easier than ever before except for the years that Krazy Karl and I were the communications team that is.   Really looking forward to this years run. 

Thanks to a lot of support from Stevens Transport I am again able to do this wonderful mission.  Not many companies would give you a month off, fly you round trip to home and back, and send a donation to the run to boot.  Thanks Angela you are great, as are Don V, Catherine A, Rick R, John N, Archie R and many many others.

Will miss my truck, but will like the new one just as much.

Well that is it for tonight.  I will be chronicling  my trip here and in daily emails to Angela and the folks at Stevens Transport. Many more pictures and videos this year.  Cause I have figured out the use of the camera.

That is it for tonight,it has been two really long days getting the truck cleared out and me processed through the system.

But it is May, and I am ready for the mission once again.