Friday, May 13, 2011

First leg of my Run to the Run is over safely

Today I rode over 600 miles, and finally made it to my Brothers house in Colorado Springs. Wore my rain gear most of the morning, but never got any rain. Left it on for three fuel stops cause the sky kept threatening to cut loose. I think I left it on after the second stop cause I was keeping warm, in fact I am sure if the clouds would have dumped anything it would have been snow. Clyde must be mad at me, he burned out the brand new head lamp I put in him two days ago. Now I have to take him apart again and install a new one. So much for saying I hope that never happens on the road. Went 7 years without ever burning out, and then two in less than two weeks....makes you wonder just how inanimate that inanimate object is. Well at least he isn't dumping me on the ground this year. Actually averaged about 39 MPG which is pretty good since I was really rolling in Nebraska (speed limit is 75 and I was doing all of that according to my GPS and then some) averaged 69 MPH for 9 and a half hours.
Stopped in at the Lexington Military Vehicles Museum, great place, could have stayed in there for the whole day, but had to get here. Took some pictures and I will be posting them here and on my face book page when I figure out how to get them off my phone (batteries died in camera)
Lastly the poll ends tomorrow and it looks like the compilation of airmen staging aircraft is more popular than the two dancing marines. Thanks to all that voted, more of that kind of thing to come. I may be doing it with pictures from the run. So if you have a suggestion for that sort of thing please leave me a comment and I will moderate and post your comment and try to do the comparison.

Thanks again to everyone that reads this, I will be posting every day of the run, and hopefully will have pictures too. I will post again when I get to Utah, and then again when I get to California. Thanks to both the web administrators for Central and Southern route for linking my blog to those pages.

Dave Bounce Talley

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

10 hours until I leave for California

Clyde is clean, fixed, gassed and almost packed ready to roll. I am getting ready to go to bed so I can get up at 0400 to roll west. Weather today was a little wet, but hoping for warmer drier day tomorrow. Clyde is a great bike, but God please do let his headlight burn out on the run, it is pretty much an all day job to get that little item changed.

Tires have been checked, they are good, new oil and filter, tent packed, sleeping bag packed, clothes laid out and ready to be packed. Hopefully it will be a good safe trip. To everyone riding west take care and stay visible.

For my trucking friends please protect those of us that are partaking in this mission, it is important.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Bikes are moving west slowly but surely

Today I am sitting at a receiver in Wisconsin waiting to get my trailer empty so I can go home and pack my bike for this years Run for the Wall. Clyde is having his battery charged and has been cleaned up after his months in storage next to a really fine looking Harley.

The real purpose of this post is to remind my truck driving friends that there are a lot om Bikes headed west this week and next. On Wednesday well over a thousand motorcycles will depart Ontario California heading to Washington D.C. Many of these bikes are traveling alone and in pairs or small groups. As they get further west they will be joining each other. If you folks see them let off some steam and let them know you appreciate their mission. PLEASE do your best to protect them. All of us have jobs, I myself have taken about 12 total days off in the last year and a half in order to get enough cash to do this trip. I will be camping all the way across because it is cheaper, and gas is not cheap. I want to thank the company I am leased to for allowing me to take the time to do this mission. The $500.00 that I got for being second in the Owner Operator of the Year competition helps too.