Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another friend gone

I have a friend that passed away on Tuesday. His name was Tom Locket. I knew him as Tracker a road guard for Run For The Wall. He was a quiet guy and quite a guy at the same time. The only time I had more than a passing hello from him was a few years ago when I screwed up on the run. The pack was heading into Jefferson Barracks, and it was taking longer than normal to get turned around. We had well over 400 bikes to park and those of us that had been there before knew to be patient and be ready to move into the parking area. There were about twenty new folks in the pack ahead of me and they thought were were done. None of them had radios on their bikes, and they were shutting down and getting off their bikes. We still had almost 100 bikes on the freeway at this point. I had room and I was going to pull out of line and go up and inform them to be ready to move fast cause we still had a way to go before we got off the bikes. Just as I was thinking of doing this bone head move, Tom and Walrus came along, and if I had moved out they would have crashed into me. Later Tom told me to be patient and not make one bone head move worse by doing something that was not my job. He was right, he and Walrus were and are road guards and moving the pack is their job. Thanks Tom, you will be missed. Tom's Funeral is today, in Arkansas. I am in Tennessee so I won't be there, but I will say a prayer for Tom's family and all my friends that remain. I am better for having known Tom.