Friday, May 6, 2011

Run for the Wall

12 Days till we leave CA, and Joey Holliday will be at Mount Vernon again this year. He does a good job.
Enjoy the video, Oh and I am in some of these pictures too.

Poll Status

Looks like the Airmen collectively are more popular than the two marines, guess not as many Marines read this. But so far 7 votes, 3 for the Marines, and 4 for the Airmen. I broke the poll down so that if you liked a particular airman you could vote for it. Over 65 folks have looked at this blog this week. Thanks.

Oh and Shore Party has informed me that he is getting letters of thank you from the men and women assigned to the USS Carl Vincent for the tribute he posted on the Central Route Web Page to them. Good Job Bob


Three days till I get home, find Clyde and pack him up, and less than 10 days till I am in CA

Update On the Status of the Old Marine

My Step Dad, aka The Old Marine, a three time participant in Run For The Wall, and twice in Rolling Thunder, went into the VA hospital again yesterday, and is home today. They were going to clean out his arteries and put a stint in his leg, sort of a test for him cause he hates going to the doc, and they want to put a stint into his heart. But unfortunately his artery in his leg is hard, and has a big bend in it that they could not get the scope through. He is OK, just a little disappointed that the procedure did not relieve the pain in his leg. So for my Run friends that read this please pray that they figure out a way to fix the problem, cause if they do he may allow them to put a stint in his heart, and that would prolong and enrich his life.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Eagle Knife to be raffled to raise money for Wounded Warrior Project and Rainelle Elementary School

This is a better picture of a very nice knife. You do not have to be present to win it, and there will be a very nice photo album that goes with it. Knife will be delivered either at Rainelle, or will be mailed to the winner if they are not at Rainelle.

Spidey is Back

One of the Blogs I follow is called "The View From Here". It is very intelligently written by Chaplain Curtis Hubbels son. His road name is Spidey. I highly recommend reading his words. The Other blog I follow is the Motor Cycle Muse, another Chaplain from the Run, His words and stories are much better than mine, so I also recommend following his blog. Between the three of us I am sure we will cover any and all aspects of this years Run for those of you who cannot go all the way this year. Those of you who are going this year, give the address to this blog to your loved ones and tell them that they can get to the other two from here with ease. I cannot say how often the other two will post, but I will be posting every day. As a truck driver I am used to logging my time and I find that when I am on the Run my days are normally twenty hours long. But I manage to make it. Thanks for reading. One last word I moderate comments on this blog, but all that I do is redact any inappropriate words because a few years ago I was told that the Kids from Rainelle follow the Run here. So please refrain from inappropriate language, but if you use them I will simply cut them out, which means your comments may sound silly if you use them. Take care Ride Safe and stay Visible.


Open Road Music Video

I have posted this before, and will post it again I am sure. I like the song, and the video. To my friends and family from Run For The wall we are family, and if you are an FNG you are about to embark on a mission that will change your life for the good forever. Welcome Home, Thanks for your Service, and if you have never served Thanks for your Support. To those of you who are not going this year please follow my and Clyde's adventures here.

Just a short word of explanation Clyde is the name I have given my 2004 Royal Star Venture, and he seems to like it. At least I have not dropped him since naming him Clyde. In the 7 years that I have ridden this bike I have survived two Arty Johnson incidents, getting clipped by a Tractor Trailer going into Angel Fire in 2007, picked up a really heavy Harley up off a friend that went down on the same corner I got clipped on the next year, and layed Clyde down in Indiana to avoid running broadside into an FNG in 2009 that came to a dead stop at an overpass. I sometimes channel Clyde on this blog, it can be fun, and a short word of warning, he is not very politically correct, and is very blunt. But he is also fun.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the video and I will see you in a couple of weeks in California.

DANCE - watch these great Marines!

As promised here are the two dancing Marines. They are awesome, not as good as the Brit that marshals air craft in his running out fit, but awesome in their own right. I will get Clyde to set up the poll so you can vote on your favorite clip. That is if I can get him away from that racey looking geezer glide Hog he has been fawning over all winter.


Hilarious Aircraft Marshalling Compilation

Today I am in Texas, and I shared a video clip from a Friend on Face Book that showed two Marines dancing to the song Tequila. They were great, and I will include that link at the end of this post. After watching the Marines, I thought, wait the Air Force can dance too, not better than the Marines, but at least just as good. The above compilation starts with Air Force Air Craft being marshaled but it ends with several British Airmen Marshaling air craft. They are absolutely the best at this. I have seen some of this when I was on Temporary Duty at Incerlik AB Turkey, and sometimes you just have to have fun in a combat zone, or you might lose your patience. So enjoy the compilation. I did not create it, and did not pick the music, but for the most part it is pretty cool. Some of the Lyrics may be adult in nature, just a warning cause some of the kids from Rainelle might be reading this. But it has nothing in it that you cannot hear on commercial radio today. So I think I am safe. I am going to do another post with the two Marines moving and grooving to Tequila then I am going to let you folks vote on which one is best, I am biased towards the Air Force one, but it might be fun, so when I get this all done come back and vote on the poll.

Seven more days until I get home and pack and head west. Sure hope Clyde has not gotten some kind of attitude, I mean he has been parked with some really neat Hogs, two wheeled kind, not four legged kind.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Some of you may remember the Old Marine

My Step Dad, Don Smith, AKA The Old Marine, has participated in Run for the Wall three times. The other day I was talking to him on the phone, and he is going in to have the plaque scraped out of his arteries. I am hoping that the Docs will also put the stint in that he needs put in too, but he has assured me that he won't let them do that. Any way just a short update, please pray that everything goes well. As for the Stint thing, well he does not have a computer, so he will never read this, but if the Doc does it, I sure won't be saying anything, cause when the Old Marine gets angry the whole world knows it. So about seven more days till I get home, and get ready to do the Run. I have been waiting for a year for May to get here, and the time went pretty fast, now everything is in slow motion.


If you read this please comment

I need to know what you would like to hear about in relation to the Run For The Wall.
I usually talk about numbers, and people that I meet along the way, but would like to hear from you. Is there any thing you would like to hear about. Comment, I will post the comment, and will add the information that you request into the Blog. The Blog is not dedicated to the Run,. but once again the writer is.


Thanks in advance

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May already

It is May already, and I have seen so many bikes out there, hoping all of them are practicing up for the Run, but know for sure yesterday I saw four folks packed and riding in formation with the last guy on the right side waving a 3X5 flag from the back of his bike. I will be home on the 9th of May, will find Clyde, and pack him up and head west. Still not sure of the route I am taking, or if I am riding alone or with others to Colorado. Also not sure what day I am leaving. But I am going. Thanks to a lot of help from friends, and the Company I drive for.

OK enough for now. Will be posting packup pictures, and run to the Run pictures too.