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Posted originally on discussion forum...stolen and posted here

I have just copied and pasted a post from the general discussion forum. Earlier I posted Toothless's tribute to these folks that died so long ago defending our freedom. I shamelessly copy the following and post it here because people should know, and they do not.

By Grygoose from rftw:
I am doing a write up on these six boys/men and will be posting it at on the anniversary of that attack, 3/31. This was the most tragic event in the Seabee's RVN history. Not only were there the 6 Bee's that were killed that night/morning but also 2 Marines coming in for a medevac.

Six sailors and two Marines died in the incident at Phu Loc:
Det Echo, NMCB-9, 3/311/68:

BUL3 George R. De Shurley, Roswell, NM;
BUL3 Allan L. Mair, Park City, UT;
BUL3 John F. Peek, Pontiac, MI;
CN James F. Galati, Philadelphia, PA;
CN Mark E. Hodel, Lodi, CA; and
CN James R. Retzloff, Redding, CA.

UH-34D 148792 aircrew, HMM-362, MAG-36:
Sgt Daniel Pesimer, Salt Rock, WV and
Cpl Kenneth R. Yantis, Philadelphia, PA

It would be good to see your story on the post and if you haven't been to the site I think you'll have a nice surprise. Were trying to get a history of the RVN Seabee's because all the paper work, daily reports and logs never made it back. So now it's up to the Bee's that are still alive to leave the history of our past from there. If you have any pictures from your stay there with 9 and the Team you were on it would be great.

There was another incident on 1/14/68 with a CN Hodges, he was on a 16 man security detail on "Project Beaver" a helicopter repair facility project at Red Beach, DaNang. He was killed when a grenade was thrown into there bunker, he grabbed it and as he was trying to get it out when it exploded. His action directed the blast away from a mate in the bunker and saved his life.
I was wondering if you knew anyone who was on that Security Detail, or about that incident?
Great to find your post, hope to hear from you.
MCB 10 "C" Co. 69-71 BU3

In addition I am including the following information cause some of you who read this do not go to the forum pages, and that is OK too. But here is a post from there by Shoreparty (My Brother the Computer Super Genius I can say that cause he just gave me a quick tip that got my Mozilla working again)and I am reposting it here:

Quote shoreparty Quote:

We have 11 Pages of tributes this year Thank you all. We Ride for those who can’t! So if you are running this year and you have a friend, family member of just know someone who served and or is serving and you want to ride for them or carry their memory with you and share their story, I would ask you that you send in a tribute to be posted on the website, It is an honor and privilege to make these posts and read the stories. current tributes and tributes from , 2009 and 2010

A picture is nice but not necessary, just your that you riding for someone, there name and a brief bio if you have it. Then while your riding maybe someone will ask you about Paul, Jim, or your son or cousin, and you can share their story and heal also. Their story your story are the tools we all use to heal ourselves and each other. My first run each morning they read a tribute to a MIA from back in the day, we all knew except for the grace of GOD it could have been us. So if you have a tribute to send please do so. Thank you for reading this.

Send tributes to: or to

Shoreparty and Sage Owl

OK now I have to put my sunglasses on Thanks Shoreparty that tribute page thing is great!!!!

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