Friday, May 23, 2014

Day 10 complete mission almost complete

Well it has been an amazing run.  It is hard to believe that 10 days ago I left Los Angeles with 300 other bikers in front of me.   We went through a lot of great small towns.  We were greeted by some really patriotic people, saluted, waved at, and hugged, by thousands.

The mission is to demand an accounting of and return of all missing in action, and to promote healing for veterans of all wars.  We have succeeded in doing that.  I made a short video in front of the OOIDA offices before I was interviewed by Reed Black.  The link is below:

You may have to copy it into your browser line.  It was a pleasure to tape it and to narrate what was going on.  We ride in parade formation all the way across country, and we do it well.  No one rides like we do, and we ride as we do for safety.

Everyone on all three routes is in Arlington VA tonight.

Tomorrow the new guys and gals get to ride into Arlington Cemetery.  This is a privilege reserved exclusively for Run for The Wall.  No other group is allowed to do this.  You can ride motorcycles into Arlington but not as a group. We will lay a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown,  and then go to the Wall.

I will ride a shuttle there, I have a remembrance to leave there, a flag from OOIDA and then I have some pins to turn.  I am then heading back west to Wisconsin.  The plan is to visit a friend in Hurricane, WV tomorrow, and be home by Monday evening.  its only a thousand miles.  I have already ridden a little over 6000 miles.  Piece of cake.


Monday, May 19, 2014

Wonderful day to be a fast motorcycle

Every cop in 9 counties was escorting the Run, so Bounce really let me roll today.  He thinks it was too hard, but I really really enjoyed sucking up that premium gas he is good to be a fast motorcycle when there are no cops around.


Day 6 Done

We got to Wentzville, MO OK.  Weather great.  Met lots of great people in Columbia MO, and took two other riders to OOIDA for an interview.  It will air on Sirius/XM on Wednesday evening.  It should be good, the interviewer, Reed Black, a Vietnam Veteran himself does a great job of asking questions and getting good answers.

Rode old Clyde pretty hard and fast today.

More to come tomorrow.  Visit VA Hospital in Jefferson Barracks and overnight in Corydon, IN.  Another great little town.  So far 6 Mayors have declared the day we were in town Run for the Wall Day.   All the folks at the stops have been wonderful, so many cookies today at Columbia.  Law Enforcement Support has been outstanding.

Pictures and longer post tomorrow, or Friday.