Friday, July 10, 2009

Seattle tomorrow, in and out

Tomorrow I will be in Seattle Washington. Probably not long enough to see my oldest Daughter or her family. But the scenery coming in on Interstate 90 was pretty cool.

The video that I posted the link to was edited down quite a bit. It took over an hour for the entire escort, and wow there were a lot of people lining the route. It is a great video, enjoy it. Also go to the web site, and click on the route specific web sites link, then click on central route 2009. There are a lot of pictures and videos of this years run linked there. The Jackson County Missouri Sheriff and the Missouri State Police have also put together a really nice video of the entire escort across Missouri, and there is a link to the news report of when we came in to Wentzville MO. Good stuff.

Clyde is out enjoying being ridden and here I am working. But next month I will ride him a little. He may be complaining that he needs an oil change soon, and valve tightening too. But we shall see.

Dave Talley

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I recieved the following from a Gold Star Mother that I know

Let's never lose this America !!!!

Killed in action the week before, the body of Sergeant First Class John C. Beale was returned to Falcon Field in Peachtree City , Georgia , just south of Atlanta , on June 11, 2009 . The Henry County Police Department escorted the procession to the funeral home in McDonough , Georgia .

A simple notice in local papers indicated the road route to be taken and the approximate time. But it is obvious from this video that many took notice, and even better, took action to honor this soldier.

Nowadays one can be led to believe that America no longer respects honor and no longer honors sacrifice outside the military. Be it known that there are many places in this land where people still recognize the courage and impact of total self-sacrifice. Georgia remains one of those graceful places. The link below is a short travelogue of that day's remarkable and painful journey. But only watch this if you wish to have some of your faith in people restored. Please share widely.

Copy and paste the address above into your browser bar and then click on play. The cities that this procession runs through are listed in the video. This is a part of America that never gets shown on the news. This is one of the reasons that I am proud to be an American.