Monday, February 11, 2013

Although I am Dedicated to Run For The Wall, I cannot do it this year

I have been planning on doing the 25th annual Run For The Wall for almost two years.  Unfortunately I cannot do it this year.  There are plenty of folks that will, and many many new riders.  I truly want to be there. It will physically and mentally hurt not to go.  I pray that all riders are safe going to and from and during the Run.

In 2004 when I first heard of the Run, from my younger Brother, aka Shore Party, I told him that it sounded like it was for Viet Nam Vets.  He convinced me to come along with him in 2005 and I discovered that it was not just for Viet Nam Vets, in fact it is not even just for Vets.  I tell folks all the time that  anyone can ride with us.  This is very true.  The people that do this ride are a family.  Sometimes a dysfunctional family but a family none the  less. 

When I made my first Run in 2005 I saw a need for communicating with trucks, and I just did it.  I did this in 2005, 2006 and 2007 without really getting BOD, or route coordinator permission.  It was just something that had to be done.  In 2006 I had help from a wonderful friend, and he helped me in 2007, 2008, 2009, and he did it alone in 2010  because I could not get there.  Then I did it alone again in 2011. I could not go in 2012, and Krazy didn't go either, and I have no idea if anyone talked to the trucks.  But everyone made it through OK.  There were incidents, but not because of trucks, more because new riders made errors.

Riding in a formation at anytime takes 100% of your concentration, and riding in a pack of well over 500 motorcycles takes 500% of your concentration.  

If I could be there this year I would be.  Would I talk to the trucks, probably not, the new leadership sees no need for it, and given the choice I would rather just ride anyway.
Will I be back?  Absolutely!  Am I quitting the Run, NO!!!!!  I just cannot at this time afford to do it.  It costs me a great deal to do the Run.  I have to accrue two months of truck payments, and other bills.  This year there is just no way to do it.  The Company I work for would let me have the time off, but I could never recover from the time I would have to take.  Not this year, maybe not next year, but I will be back.  I believe in and love the mission.  Bringing healing to Vets, all Vets, and their families, and to those who were never allowed to join, and have survivors remorse, or those Vets that have PTSD, and other unseen wounds, it is very important that they be allowed to heal.

So there it is I am not announcing this either on the forum, or facebook pages.  I am simply writing it here. 
This Blog is not dedicated to Run for The Wall, but I am.  Thanks to all who have allowed me to ride with them.  Clyde has done 4 all the way runs, and simply participated (part way runs) twice.  That Motorcycle, and God protected me when I was hit by a truck in 2007 on my second ride down the mountain into Angel Fire New Mexico.  He has 37000 miles on him, most folks from the Run can easily do the math on this, but those that do not know it here is a little fact.  With the exception of one ride from Wisconsin to South Dakota, almost every mile on Clyde is from going to and from and participating in Run For The Wall.  I am not really a good rider, I have been lucky to be accepted by these folks.  I will miss riding with them, and I hope that I am no where near them in May.  Not because I do not want to see them, but because it will hurt a lot to see either route, and not be participating.  The whole thing should come with the warning "any participation in this event will be addicting.  Joining this family means you have the urge, desire, need, or want to ride for those who cannot. If you participate in even one leg, you will at sometime find yourself doing the entire thing."

To my friends on the Run, thanks for letting me participate, and thanks for riding for me as I cannot do it this year.  Be safe, stay upright and visible.