Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Almost ready....when did I get so old?

Well I am almost through with the packing checklist.

Tent unpacked, all poles work and it has no rips or tears (I did have to cut off about 8 inches of rip chord on one pole because it had stretched {may need new tent next year}) tent repacked and back in bag and on bike. CHECK
Replacement GPS bought on EBAY installed and updated with route (Well almost updated with route that will be an ongoing project while I am on the road for the next three weeks)  Check

New weather protection case for Sirius XM Radio installed.  Check
Sleeping bag found opened aired repacked and on bike.  Check
New Helmet Visor ordered (it is in and I pick it up today) Check
Rain Gear checked and repacked and on bike.  Check
Money for run saved and in bank.  Check  (This was a lot easier this year than last thanks to Stevens Transport.  The VP of Contractor Relations is a fan of the Run  BIG TIME and I actually had enough cash left over from last year to pay for this year.  
Change Jug for run money put back in closet to save for next year (Because of Stevens Transport I did not need this money this year, so there will be that much more next year) Check
Now all I have to do is figure out how I got so old, because everything hurts.  I did get to ride about 200 miles this week, then of course temps went from +60 to +30 and it snowed 6 inches the other day.

So I am ready to go.  Will change Clyde's oil tonight  (Sorry Clyde I referred to you as bike several times above)  Then everything is ready to go, just counting days.

I really hope I find someone on the Central Route that wants to help with the Truck communication thing. I can do it alone, but it is much easier with a radio in front to relay info, that way I know it gets relayed.

Well that is it for now, have to get ready to go back to work.  Thanks to my wife Judy for letting me do this every year.  She had surgery last week and is doing well, a little weak, and sore but doing fine.