Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another Year of RFTW in the books

Well Run for the Wall is over again this year. Sadly I could not participate this year, but hope that all who did had a safe run. I also hope that all of them get home safely. There is a parade tomorrow to honor fallen heroes, and to remind a Government, that is mostly out of town, and out of touch, that we will never forget those that gave their all for our freedom. Next year All the Way? I do not know but I hope so. I do know that Dwayne has blogged the entire trip. Any that wish to see what the Run is like should follow the link below to the Motorcycle Muse. He writes better than I do, and he was there too.

More fun stuff to come. I am trying to write a book, and thanks to the efforts of Shoreparty, I have recovered all the data I have been collecting and typing over the years to that end. I reread Garrison Keillor, aka draft dodger, from two years ago, and my comments to that article. I hope those that participate in Rolling Thunder are allowed to parade and for those that think it is about noise pollution, I hope the make as much noise as they can. Being an American, and a Veteran, and a Patriot in this country is right, but being wrong is also allowed.