Monday, May 14, 2012

XXIV starts Wednesday

The twenty fourth annual Run for the Wall starts Wednesday.  I actually saw several folks headed to California.  They did not notice me I was just driving a truck.  Almost everyone of them passed me well, the few that didn't were moving so fast it didn't matter much.  Bones left me a voice mail the other day and said something that struck me pretty hard.  I won't be on the Run this year, and he said something like, that must be hard to do. I can't imagine how bad you feel.  He is right it actually hurts not to be there.  But there is always next year.  Family comes first, then extended family.  For my truck driving friends take a good look at this picture.  These folks are riding side by side, and are riding pretty tight, and they are a little over four miles long from end to end.  So if you come up on this group think about how hard it is to pass a truck that is governed about 3 mph less than you are, it takes about two miles to get past 70 foot of truck, passing this group will take at least ten miles to get done.  I would just slow down and let them go.  That would be the smart thing to do, but if you have to pass them remember they know you are there, they get reminded every day to give you all the room you need.  They get reminded every day that if a truck (or other vehicle passing) puts a blinker on give them room so they can get off the road or onto the shoulder.  When passing them if you see brake lights (if they are doing things right you won't) just remember they are adjusting speed to the bikes in the pack, they are not stopping.  If you see folks with signs and flags on the over passes, let off some steam they are there to support you too.
That's it for today.   I have to start writing emails to trucking companies to advise them on route of travel for both routes, and approximate numbers.  This is something I started seven years ago, and will keep doing every year.  If it helps one driver to be kept from being held up then it is worth it.