Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mission Accomplished

All riders safely made it to the Wall today, even though we were pelted by hail stones the size of ping pong balls in WV, and rode through a snow storm in AZ, no one was seriously injured, and except for mechanical break downs, no bikes were badly damaged either.  All in all it was a good run.

Next year will be better.  Thanks to all that have read this, keep following it I will be telling the tale of Clyde and me heading home, and I post lots of good stuff during the year.  This Blog is not dedicated to the Run For The Wall, but the writer, and rider is.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 10 is done, The mission May never be done

Tonight I sit in a church dining area in Arlington VA typing this blog. I am tired, and looking forward to going to bed early.  In the morning I am going to the Wall, I am going to watch the the Navajo Gourd Dance Society Honor us at dawn.  They came here all the way from Gallup NM and I have two friends that have been inducted into this society.  The feeling of the Gourd Dance, and the spirit that moves around them is unique and wonderful. They know how to welcome warriors because they are a race of warriors.

Today's ride was great, good weather, at least until tonight it may rain on the few of us that still camp.  The transition onto Interstate 81 north from Interstate 64 east went very very smoothly.  All the trucks moved into the right lane when I asked them to, and the cars followed them because we had a road guard waving a flag, and we all know that four wheelers think trucks know what is going on.  In fact it went so smoothly I missed it.  I posted below the hill about 1/2 mile from the interchange and did not see the transition, but this time the trucks heard me and moved, they also thanked me for making it so that they would not be held up, it was Great.

Then something happened that is extremely rare for me, I was left completely speechless.  Bill Rocket Rager summoned me to his office (that is what I think of when called to meet him at his bike).  Indian Scout, a 76 year old Road Guard ( I hope I can move half as well as he does now when I am 60) told me that Rocket wanted me and he was not real happy.  I wanted to duck it but Scout told me it was better to get a butt chewing done quick and while the chewer is hot and doesn't have time to think about it.  So I went and I got
something I did not expect.  I will let the picture tell the story.

Tomorrow we finalize this years mission and visit the Wall.  As I sit here in Arlington VA I can feel that place to my east.  It is a scary place for me, and I still struggle to walk the entire wall, but I will do it this year for Chuck Huskey, he died in Strugis SD in 1981 in a helicopter crash, during the Cold War.  He was too young to be on that Wall, but I still honor him with my ride, and remember the fun we had.  I also will be honoring a friends Uncle that died in a helicopter crash in Vietnam.

One final note then I will post the pictures, thanks to all the folks from Run For The Wall that have read these words in the last month, there are over 1400 of you, and I appreciate it.

Dave Bounce Talley

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 8 done 599 motor cycles and one Vespa Scooter


We are done with day 8, tomorrow is the real pay off for me.  The Kids at Rainelle WV, and I might head back there for the weekend after I deliver a few items to the Wall Friday, or I may just head home.  I have not decided, but I have to get back to work soon.  So I have now proved the Vespa Scooter does exist.  Night all short day or not I am tired.
Bounce Out and on the side

Day 7 done, goal on raising money with kife reached, all safe

OK  first things first Clyde lived up to his threat yesterday.  He tried it in a rest area, where I am sure the truckers would have applauded considering some of my fellow riders antics in the last 6 days, but I actually did an Arty Johnson move at the end of the Corydon IN on ramp yesterday evening.  Nothing hurt but my pride, Clyde as usual landed on his crash bars. Pride hurt because there were about 6 road guards and three sheriff's deputies standing there.  When good old Clyde started to go over I just jumped off of him and sprawled on the ground and moaned very loudly.  When the Sheriff's deputy nearest me got to me and asked if I was OK, I told him yes, but please get the bike up.  He and a few of the Run Road Guards picked Clyde up, I then proceeded to jump up, get on the bike, and just then someone yelled (Fuel Crew coming in) I said "I am OK, and road off to the Wal-Mart parking lot.  Man I was tired, very tired.  I got some stuff to relieve the pain on the bottoms of my feet, and some more batteries and an air mattress pump, mine died, and went down to the camp ground for dinner and a well deserved rest.  No post last night because I could not get enough band width to do it.  Got my daily check call done though

We visited with some folks at Jefferson Barracks, and the singer of the National anthem (He has done this 6 times for us) was once again great.  Talked with a survivor, MIA POW from the Battle of the Bulge.  I thanked him for insuring my freedom, and welcomed him home.  This man is very lucky because the German Army did not allow many prisoners to survive, they could not ship them to Germany, and they had no food to share with them in Bastogne, they just shot them instead.  But War is not pretty, and we won that one any way.

The ride yesterday was pretty good.  We had two bikes  my little prat fall and one bike went off on a curve onto an on ramp. No real damage to Clyde (I think he may have said he was planning of embarrassing me anyway) The bike that lost it in the curve broke a fog lamp, and a few screws holding windshield on is about all.  Rider had a grass stained shirt and some bruises, but that was it.  All in all it was a good day.  Woke up this morning looking forward to more warm weather, and clear skies.  Should be a good day.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Bounce you do that again and I will dump you

Clyde to Bounce, dropping my shifter into 1st gear at a high enough speed to bump the rev limiter, is Bad real bad.  Do it again and I will dump you butt onto the highway.

Clyde has spoken

Kansas City was great, or at least the police support was

Today we went through Kansas City Kansas.  This town always scares me on the Run because of the problems in 05.  Today did not go flawlessly, but the pack stayed together, and that is the important part. Tomorrow I will be working trucks again.  Big shout out to Reed Black and OOIDA for all their support.  I do send Reed an email every day with what little information I have and he does wonders with it.  Truck traffic in our path and headed east has been minimal, and truck traffic going west knows who we are and what we are doing.  Krazy told me I would not have to talk much, and darn it he was right.  I may have worked myself out of a job.

enough for now, bed time for the Bounce cause he is was bad but not while we were there, and it looks OK for tomorrow.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day Five Done, tomorrow we are in Injun Country

Finished Day Five today, Breakfast was awesome, the weather has been great the last two days, just a little rain last night before we left Colorado, and today it was in the80's.  We have a little over 300 bikes in the pack.  Leadership is OK, but could be firmer but what do I know.  Attitude of the trucks is changing, they support what we are doing, but the way some folks are riding the trucks are really scared that someone will get killed.  I have relayed this to leadership, they are working it, but if it does not change, I know how to get to DC and will just go there on my own. Enough negative, I do not control the pack I just ride in it, and it will get better.  If I have to leave it will be because of time constraints and not any thing any rider, or person other than a rider does.  I do what I do for my own reasons.