Tuesday, March 1, 2011

two digit midget again

Well here it is March (came in like a lamb in Texas, so it will be April till winter is over) and I am planning on doing the 23rd annual Run For The Wall. I have my gas money (provided gas stays below $5.00 a gallon), and hotel money set aside. I have everything ready to pack, and the bike was checked out before last year's run, and I did not get to go, so Clyde should still be ready, but since I have not seen him since May, I may have to check that out before leaving.

I am really looking forward to this run, because my Brother is coming along again this year. It is nice to be with real family when with an extended family. More information on the Run to come later. I will be posting daily here with photo's and videos ( that is if I can figure out how to upload them) I hope everyone that rides to the Run, and rides the Run and rides home has a safe trip.

I am really looking forward to it. Less than 60 days till I go home and start out for Colorado and then California. I cannot wait, feel like a kid waiting for Santa or something.

Dave Bounce Talley

Monday, February 28, 2011

Wisconsin Capitol protesters disrespect the Veterans Memorial

I must apologize for posting this video here, but I really think the attitude of these young fools should be publicized. They did not remove the signs, or the trash that they placed on the War Memorial. This is not their fault they are there trying to keep teachers from losing any posh benefits, they were taught this disrespect by teachers. Sad but true.

The following is the Governor of Wisconsin's email. I am forwarding this video to him. If you think he should do something about this disgraceful display of disrespect to the men and women that died for our freedoms, tell him. I know I am going to.

Dave Talley

aka Bounce

Feel free to contact us at any time.Gov Walker


Office of Governor Scott Walker
115 East Capitol
Madison WI 53702

(608) 266-1212

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Open Road Music Video

Great song. My first year on the Run for The Wall, I asked how to figure out when they were slowing down as no one is supposed to use their brakes. Jr Franklin, aka Cleaner, told me "listen to the pipes and you will know." Well he was right, but there is more to it than that. This song is about more than just riding too. It is about freedom, it is about healing, and so is the Run. I have said this many times, this blog is not dedicated to Run For The Wall, but the writer is. 70 or so days left till the run. Get ready folks. For my friends that drive trucks please realize we do not mean to mess up traffic, or hold you up, but we have got to do this, and we will do it until everyone comes home. To my friends that ride on the awesome mission remember it is a mission, and you have to prepare for it like you would a mission. Start practicing now, start stretching unused muscles, and exercising. Hydrate yourselves, and get ready for the most intense ride of your life, again, or for the first time.

See you in May