Saturday, June 5, 2010

Biker Buds? Or just standing up for what is right?

Last week I had the chance to visit with my Son in Colorado Springs. He took me to his favorite restaurant (more on that in a later post) and we had a great meal. Just as we were finishing breakfast the young lady that runs the restaurant realized she was out of cooking oil. It was a rush time, so since my Son and I were just killing time we offered to go get some more oil for her. She offered to buy our breakfast, but we told her no, we were heading over to the store anyway. When we parked our car and were walking up to the store entrance we witnessed what could have been a bad accident. A car that looked like it was waiting for the cross walk to clear suddenly backed up just as a motorcycle was pulling out behind the car. Needless to say the bike got smacked and went down. The rider was fortunate in that he did not appear hurt. The lady driving the car was indignant that the motorcycle got in her way. Her statement "I did not back into the motorcycle, I put my car in reverse to turn left and he hit me" was not as bad as her crack "You and your biker buddies can say anything you want, but I am in the right here". My son and I gave our names and phone numbers to the biker, after we helped him pick his bike up. When we came out of the store the lady announced that the police were not interested and were not coming out. The sad part is that she could have just as easily run down a pedestrian, or a child and she really did not care, it was not her fault that the bike got in her way. I think she was really more upset that she had to stay and give the biker her insurance information, this was delaying her important life. After hearing her two comments, I had to stop and tell her that I was sorry that I had witnessed her stupid act, but that backing up against the flow of traffic is illegal. She then told me that she would see me in court. I doubt that this will ever get that far, but if it does I will gladly appear. I just pray that this woman does not get so busy that she forgets she is driving and kills a pedestrian.