Sunday, March 27, 2011

Look for Motorcycles they are everywhere...and use signals for lane changes

I was driving in Iowa today and one of the electronic signs had the title of this post on it. Then the next one just said watch for motorcycles. Then I get online and see that it is only 51 days till the start of this years Run For The Wall. Man I cannot wait, 45 days until I head to Colorado to meet up with Shore Party and Sage Owl for our trip to California. Motorcycles are everywhere. I even saw a robin in Illinois yesterday, so it is spring time. Ride safe everyone, and all my friends that drive trucks remember most of these riders are just getting the feel for riding again after a long winter. If any of you see me and good old Clyde on the road remember that I have not ridden in almost two years so take extra pity on me. By the time I get to California the wheels will feel right I hope, but it has been a long time since I rode.

For those of you getting ready for the run, hydrate, and walk a lot. Man was made to walk, and it gets everything working like it is supposed to.

MOTORCYCLES are everywhere. In the last two weeks I have seen hundreds of bikes, and a lot looked like they were practicing formation riding. Good Good Good. Practice makes perfect, and even though the Run has this down to a science, practice is a good thing.


P.S. that using signals for lane changes is a good idea too.