Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lap top dies but bounce keeps writing, sort of

My lap top is dead. I hope to have it resurrected, or at least fixed soon, but I won't be posting much here until that happens. I am writing on paper (that sounds so last century doesn't it) and will be posting those thoughts as soon as the lap top is fixed or replaced.

I will be participating in Run for the Wall again this May, but cannot go all the way again this year. I hope to join the pack and my extended Family at Wentzville, MO. I will be trying to post information here about the Run and where to look for large groups of motorcycles. But only if the Lap Top is fixed. Amazing that I feel as though I have lost a limb or something because that piece of equipment is not working.

Clyde will be tuned, have his oil changed and all fuses repaired so that he is ready to haul me out and back for the mission again this year.