Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Home At Last

Another Mission completed, 6500 plus miles, and my butt is sore.  Clyde has been unpacked, and next time I am home I will clean him up and change his oil.  He ran like a champ but I am a little worried about his transmission.  All that fast down shifting is probably not good for him.  But he is not complaining.  Total MPG was a little over 45 MPG for the entire run.  Not to shabby, and Clyde now has 40,000 miles on him.  Not even broken in. 
I enjoyed this years Run, and stopped back in at Rainelle for a visit on the way home.  I also had dinner with Bones Pouge in Lewisburg on the way back.  He is a great guy, and I really respect him and his opinions.  Well that is about it.  I am guessing that my readership will drop down now that I am not on the Run.  That is OK.  Just remember this Blog is not dedicated to the Run For The Wall, but the writer is. 
Thanks Reed Black, Glen Jones, Joey Holiday, Krazy Karl Haartz, Harry Steelman, Dave Gladwill, and all the folks on all the teams on RFTW 2011.  You folks made my Run this year.  Jonesy next time I call at midnight it would be nice not to keep me on hold until thirty minutes before the Vtwin Alarm Clock goes off.

Thanks again, especially to the riders, you did great.  See you all next year.


Out and standing by on the side

Monday, May 30, 2011

Rainelle, WV a small town that lives for four days a year

Today I rode back through Rainelle, WV and it was deserted.  All the riders left yesterday, and there was almost no one there.  LZ rainelle was still there as was a replica of the Wall, and the folks with the Agent Orange quilts were there.  I met with the guy that originated LZ Rainelle, and he told me that the town just does not have enough rooms or camping area to sustain the number of folks that participate.  Most either go to Lewisburg, and the Run takes up most of those rooms till Friday Morning, or to Somerville, and that is almost an hour and a half away.  But they still had a good turn out.  They have a church service on Sunday and all the bleachers were full.
I got the rocker for my LZ Rainelle pin. 
\I also got some history from one of the residents about the first run.  They camped in a field near town, and the Mayor did not exactly want the bikers there.  He did later try to run for re election stating he brought them there, but that went no where, as the folks in Rainelle knew he did not like the bikers.

Hot day, and I am tired.  I will be home tomorrow.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Road Home is always long.

I am on the Road Home.  It is always long.  Looking at my stats there are a lot of folks looking at my blog, and some of you are active duty.  Thank You for reading my writing. I hope you enjoyed the photos.  I have a few more.
Today I rode an extra few miles to try to find a better transition for the Run in Virginia.  The move from I-64 to I-81 is short, hard for oncoming trucks to see, and tough to get done right.  Unfortunately there is no way to get to the easier ramp without stopping traffic at over a dozen lights.  So we will be doing it the hard way.  I did find that going south a little further will work for talking to trucks.  I can contact the trucks sooner, and with the right words they moved this year, and the cars went with them.  It went so smooth that I did not see the pack do it, and when I came up the hill they were gone. That was OK, I was almost sure they had already gone by, but when the Chase two truck came up the ramp I new for sure. Of course the trikes and bikes with trailers had gone ahead so the pack was a lot shorter.  As our riders get older the seem to need more stuff, or maybe it is just more stable rides.  I met a gal that came from Wentzville, MO with us that rides a trike, and she is a little over 70, but she does not look it, and she is a great rider.

This may surprise some of the riders that rode with me, but this was the best run ever for me.  I did it on the cash I had allowed myself to use, almost, but did not use credit.  I got to camp a lot and meet new friends and talk with old friends.  It was a great trip.  The weather was challenging, but we all survived it.  There is a special patch for the ones that rode into Williams AZ, and it is cool.  A snowman riding a bike up hill.  It is in black and white, but that is also cool cause we were riding at night so everything was pretty much black, except that snow, it was white, real white.

The Riders are making their way home, I had dinner with Bones tonight, he is a great guy, and a good friend.  I would never have known him but for the Run, but we now talk at least once a month, and sometimes more often.  He is a busy man as I am but both of us will always take time to talk to friends.
Tonight at Lewisburg, WV Bones and I met one of the Waitresses from Applebees and she got the information for the Run Web page, she stated that she would not mind going to the wall, but she doesn't ride a bike.  Little does she know, we told her to join the forum and read up on what we do.  Who knows, we may have recruited an new FNG for next year.  For those of you who do not know it that is a term of endearment on the Run and it stands for Fun New Guy or Gal.