Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No Run for Bounce this year

Due to circumstances way beyond my control I will not be participating in Run For the Wall this year. They left California today, and I am in Wisconsin. I intended to ride out to Wentzville, MO this coming Sunday and meet up with the Run on Monday there. But because of things that I cannot control I will not be there. I have posted all the information I can, my friend, Krazy Karl is running the truck communication team, and I think all will be well.

Clyde let me down sort of, he cost a little over $400.00 for maintenance this year, and that plus other problems eliminated any and all funds that I had available for the Run. I will miss my family and friends, but the mission will go on with or without Bounce and Clyde.

I will continue with my daily check calls, and will keep everyone posted on the status of both routes, but my information will be limited to what is available on the internet. I want to be there, but if I do not get back to work things will get really crazy. So I will be back at work when the Run hits Angel fire.


Bounce do not worry I will get you to LA next year, honest
I mean I am a great motorcycle, just a little expensive to repair.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A wake up and the Run Starts

Tomorrow Run For The Wall 2010 starts. Central Route will be on I-15 and I-40 and Southern Route will be on I-15 and I-10. There will be about 300 bikes on each route. There will be a lot of cages riding along ahead and behind this year too. We are getting older. We cannot forget the reason for this run. It is for all the troops that did not come home from all wars, and those that need to heal after being placed in harms way. Thanks to all of you who will be standing out in all sorts of weather to cheer the packs on. Every one of you is part of the reason that we do what we do.
23 years ago there were not very many participants, and there are new folks every year. Thanks to all the FNG's that join in this year. Thanks to all the towns that will host and feed the riders on the run. Thanks to all the truckers that will patiently and professionally deal with the packs. For the 1% that won't, well thanks to you to. Thanks to Glen Jones of Sirius Radio for all of his support too.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Not all truck drivers just drive

About a month ago I met a driver that works for the same company I do. He is a truck driver, but he is also a videographer. He made videos for a living before he decided to drive truck. His name is Marcell, and he has some very High Tech equipment. He told me that he has about 75 hours worth of video from on the road and that he wanted to interview some drivers to go with the video that he has filmed. I was not surprised when he told me that he was having trouble getting folks to talk to him, especially if he had his camera with him. I think I surprised him when I told him I would not mind talking to him. Well anyway we arranged a time for an interview, over the phone. I did this last night, and we talked for over an hour and half. He asked some great questions, and I gave him the answers that I had. It was interesting. He is trying to bring out a part of trucking that most people do not ever see. I wish him luck in his endeavor.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Runs to the Run have started

Well it has started again. Actually it started last week. Some of my Run Family have already arrived in CA. Others will get there today. Bones and his wife almost got snowed in in CO, but luckily Bones has a friend with a tow truck that has helped him out. I hope he is out of the snow. Of course I wish I could have caught him on Friday, cause two cents is a great price for a Gold Wing. The amazing part is that Bones mentioned that his wife has not complained. I told him she is just tougher than he is.

Krazy Karl, and Black Hat should be in CA today or early tomorrow. Shutterbug has been there for a week, Trunks lives there, so he just has a day trip to LA.

At any rate I hope the truckers are reading all the signs, and paying attention to the fact that a lot of motorcycles are on the road, heading west in small groups, and larger groups. I also hope that the bikers pay attention and stay upright and visible. As for the four wheelers, or cages, I hope both truckers and bikers stay out of their way and avoid any confrontation with them. A confrontation between a cage and a bike always ends badly, as does a confrontation between a truck and a 4 wheeler.

Be safe everyone. I will be posting what I can about the run here. Also the Motorcycle muse has a blog this year, I will link that here as soon as I can get the address.