Friday, May 8, 2015

Second leg done, third leg starts in the morning.

Tomorrow morning my Brother and I and a friend leave Colorado Springs, and head to Ontario, CA.  We had a Mothers Day dinner at On the Border in The Springs tonight. Most of the folks in the Springs showed up, so we had a short wait for dinner.  Our Waitress , Breeze was great.

The bikes are all packed, with the exception of a few items.  It will take us about 5 minutes to tie everything down in the morning and hit the road.   Weather has been a little strange.  We got hit with over 9 inches of hail Thursday evening.  Made me real glad that I got here Wednesday.night.

The video was taken while we were driving home form errands Thursday.   lots of pea sized and quarter sized hail stones   We had almost taken the bikes on that trip, but the skies looked threatening so we didn't take them.  Turns out that was a good thing. 

Kickstands up at 0740 for a meeting with fourth rider at 0800 at gas station up the road.

Clyde is excited and ready.  He likes his new tank cover, and so do I.  Pocket in it is perfect for Cell and scanner to fit.  Scanner will be used to monitor Run Business channel, while I use CB to communicate with trucks.

Well that is it for tonight.

Bedtime for Bounce, long day tomorrow.