Saturday, July 2, 2011

Patriot Guard Showing up for USMC Sgt. Balduf

This video goes with the below post. We will not let it happen to our troops, not now, not ever again. You have the right to do and say what you want, but we have the right to support our troops, and believe me when I say they are watching these things.

Seven words, two sentences Heavy thoughts

They are only seven words.  Two sentences.  Most soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and coast guardsmen did not hear them when returning from Vietnam.  What are these words?  They are so simple, and their healing properties are phenomenal.  Some Vietnam Veterans have never heard them, but a few that have done Run For The Wall have.  In the 6 years that I have done this run I have said them many times.  But more importantly I say them almost every day when I am not on the Run.    Every time I see someone in Uniform, or someone that is obviously a member of our current military I say them.  Think about this, there is no one that is in uniform today that has not volunteered to serve in a time that our nation is at war.  These folks are motivated , brave, smart and brave.  They are aware that every time they leave the country they may not return home in once piece or alive.

Most of the folks that read this blog know what those seven words are, and proudly use them as I do, for those of you who do not know here they are:

Welcome Home.  Thank you for your service. 

When I use them I always shake the soldiers hand and I have on occasion bought them lunch or dinner, mostly without them knowing because if they know I am doing this they will not accept it.  They are as proud as my generation, and my Father's and Grand Father's generation were.  The American fighting man and woman of today are to be congratulated and celebrated.  They know that we are at war and the still serve.  My generation and some of the people that are a few years younger than I am should be ashamed that so many of the folks that refused to serve during Vietnam.  Many many more served, and actually if you check the statistics, many more volunteered than were drafted.  Once again the news media does not report this, because they do not understand it.

Thank you for your service. Welcome home.  Honestly given praise, that shamefully America did not offer to it's Vietnam Vets.  But it is offered now because the Vietnam Vets will not allow our troops to be treated as they were.