Monday, September 13, 2010

The Old Marine gets his waffle

Wow, I guess some one is following this. First let me apologize for not updating my Dad's status sooner. I received a comment requesting an update from some one. I have been a little busy in the last four days, went from Indiana to Indiana by way of New York State and Wells Nevada.

Here goes the update. As of this morning about 07:30 CST he was doing well. He has been walking, he still has a stomach tube, a chest tube, a liver tube and an IV, but he is not attached to the Christmas tree any longer which means he is free to walk as much as he can (He won't admit it but my Uncle Ed said he has probably walked more in the last three weeks than in the last three years.
He sent my Sister to the Slop Shop for more Pogey Bait (direct translation for the Non Marines Grocery store for some stuff he was not supposed to have, in this case Twinkies, I got him a Hershey Bar last week). He is eating regular food and pretty much anything he wants right now. He sounds a lot better on the phone, and I should be able to see him by the end of the week. I am headed to Dallas for business, then home for the weekend I hope.
When I talked to him this morning he was eating a waffle, no strawberries or whipped cream, but plenty of syrup and oleo (margarine for the younger folks).

I think he will get better, he still has some problems, pain from stomach incision and pneumonia, and they think he has a hernia (considering that they opened him up a second time and pulled his insides out to inspect I do not think he should have a hernia, but what do I know, I am just a truck driver and a concerned son.)

He will be in Madison for a few more days yet. Docs are discussing sending him to Milwaukee, but not sure if it will be the VA or the rehab center he has picked out.
Thanks again to all of you that have been praying for him. He also has mentioned more than once that he is thankful to all his Run Buds cause he knows those guys are praying for him and thinking about him.
OK anonymous, that is all I know for now. Except his room mate is headed home for therapy and that he is hoping he at least gets another Marine, cause those Air Force guys are cantankerous. His word not mine, wait was he talking about me?


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