Friday, May 14, 2010

Video bar

I had to remove the video bar, it would not hold the videos I wanted it too, and after several attempts I decided it was just easier to pull the darn thing. Sorry, I am just not technically adept enough to do what I want with it. I will be trying again later. Gotta go for now.


Home at last

Yesterday I finally made it home after about four months on the road. Although happy to be here, there is a lot to do. Clyde is in the shop getting ready for my shortened Run For the Wall, and I have to pack, build a fence, get batteries for the big red truck, and on and on. Living at a small dog rescue is OK, but I will be using earplugs a lot. Rescuing puppies is a loud thing, but hopefully they will all be in forever homes soon, HOPEFULLY!

I have changed up the video bar a little, and there is one video about crossing the GW bridge from NJ to NY that has absolutely nothing to do with the Run, but I am just not smart enough to delete it. I sure hope the computer guy fixes my laptop soon, cause I miss writing here, and Clyde can not seem to channel on the home computer, might be he is afraid of all the puppies?

To all my friends on the Run I will see you again at Wentzville.

Ride safe and stay upright and visible. The weather is going to be great (yeah even if it isn't great we are going to do the mission.