Saturday, April 9, 2011

April showers bring May flowers.....and Motorcycles are everwhere

Wow it is less than thirty days till I pack Clyde, and ride west to join my extended family.
I apologize for not posting more, but I am working my butt off trying to get enough cash to be able to do the run. I have the money I need to do it, but I have to have two months house payment and two months of everything else set aside. I think I will make it.

It is April and when it is not raining there are a lot of Motorcycles on the road. Please Please if driving watch out for these folks, they are just getting used to riding after a long winter of not doing it, and some are going to make mistakes, so especially to my trucking friends give them room and protect them.

For my friends that ride bikes....go to and join us, I promise it will change your life for ever and in a good way. Anyone can ride with us, and you can participate in the run in a cage, or on a bike. Please when riding give big trucks enough room. Never cut in front of a truck until you can see the top of their trailer in you mirrors, and if they flash their lights at you give em a blink from your four way flashers or opposite blinker to thank them for letting you in front of them, they will appreciate it.

For those that can not go I will be posting daily here with pictures too.
I have to ride to Colorado from Wisconsin alone, but then I am meeting my brother and his wife and we are going on to California.

Less than thirty days....I can wait I can wait.

I am getting excited, and so is Clyde. I dreamed last night that he was packed and running down the road.... I of course was chasing him cause he was ready to roll and I wasn't/