Friday, October 8, 2010

Old Friends Found

Some of my readers may remember my account (some what enhanced in my favor) of the battles on the Spangdahlem Speedway between me and Speedy. Well I may have some videos of these events to share soon, that is if Speedy can figure out how to get them on a DVD from the original dusty VHS format that they are currently on. If he does then I have to figure out how to post them here, which I will do. Speedy and I were actually only rivals on the track, we got along pretty well. He currently races shift carts in Louisiana, and I am sure that he is doing very well there. He is and was an excellent tactical driver, I on the other hand was just plain lucky and I mostly just ran into things and other cars and got really lucky that I ever finished a race. The ones that I finished ahead of Speedy were few and far between, but I enjoyed them even when I lost to him.

So any way the purpose of this post is that I have found a couple of old Friends in the last couple of months, and I am really looking forward to meeting with them again and maybe even watching Speedy race a little bit.

Short update on the Old Marine,
He is at home and doing better. He is not 100% yet but he is doing better.