Sunday, May 2, 2010

It is May and there are a lot of west bound Motorcycles

Today is May 2nd. In the last week I have seen a lot of motorcycles headed west. Today I am in PA, and yesterday I was in West Virginia. I saw two large groups of Motorcycles headed west. At least thirty bikes in total. I saw five RFTW vests, and quite a few Legion Riders in these packs. I hope they all get where they are going safe. The Run starts in a few days. For my truck driving friends remember not all of these folks on motorcycles are thinking about what happens when they cut a truck off. They are not doing it because they do not like trucks, or because they do not respect trucks, they just do not know.

Krazy Karl will be talking to trucks on I-40 and I-70 for the Central Route. I hope he has some help before Wentzville, but I will be there to help him as much as I can from there on out. Karl if you read this remember sending someone ahead for the tricky transitions (especially the ones not covered by cops) worked well last year. In Arizona where I-17 and I-40 come together is one of those places.

OK enough for today. I still have not fixed my computer, but I have been able to post now and then by borrowing other folks lap tops. It is amazing how many truck drivers are on the net.
I will be trying to post information here about the progress of the Run, but will be limited in my knowledge.

Thanks for reading