Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 8 done 599 motor cycles and one Vespa Scooter


We are done with day 8, tomorrow is the real pay off for me.  The Kids at Rainelle WV, and I might head back there for the weekend after I deliver a few items to the Wall Friday, or I may just head home.  I have not decided, but I have to get back to work soon.  So I have now proved the Vespa Scooter does exist.  Night all short day or not I am tired.
Bounce Out and on the side


  1. The Vespa scooter does indeed exist.
    She thinks you and Clyde are cute, too!


  2. Thanks Karen, for those of you who do not know Karen is the lady that has ridden her Vespa Scooter all the way on Run For The Wall, and who has also ridden that thing all the way to the tip of Alaska and then back down to the states and Coast to Coast and then back to San Diego. A nice person and I am glad she counts me as a friend. I sure hope Clyde does not let that cute comment go to his head.


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