Saturday, May 17, 2014

Day 4 done'

We have had great weather, and we have a great bunch of folks this year.  Last year there were a lot of people doing the Run that neither cared about our mission, nor would ever be back.  The one thing I have noticed is that there are almost no (I have not seen any at all but there could be some) 2013 FNG buttons.  This to me means I was correct to say the the Hype would be less (last year was the 25th year of the Run) and there were a lot of people fulfilling their bucket lists and that was the only reason they came on the run.

We have already at this point raised $800.00 for the School kids at Rainelle, WV.  Last year at this point we had abut $200.00.   No one last year was very happy at this point, and there was a lot of disrespect for the places we went, and the people we met.  Last year I spent 15 minutes picking up trash after folks left the night stops for their hotels, this year I found one tootsie pop stick on the ground in the parking lot, and from the looks of it, it might have been there for a few days.

Larger groups on the run are not bad, but large groups of folks doing it because of a special anniversary is bad.  They people that do things like that are not dedicated, they insist that everything must be done for them.  Now it might be because I have a hat that says leadership on it this year that makes folks listen when I tell then where to go, or what they are supposed to be doing, but that does not make people police their trash, or listen at the presentations, or thank the people that feed and house us.

OK that's  enough.

Clyde almost dumped me today, I made a mistake getting onto the highway at Ratone, NM,  and  almost lost it in front of hundreds of folks, but I recovered, Clyde kept me from falling, and we went on.

tomorrow the real work of calming truck drivers down starts.  We have had full Police escorts since we left Williams, except for today from Limon, Colorado to Goodland, KS.  So tomorrow we will have truck traffic, I am hoping it won't be heavy, but I now have two other riders helping me, and we got a chance to practice a little today.  So I think it will work OK.

That's enough for now.

Pictures tomorrow.

Good night all