Monday, January 14, 2013

Waiting for permission to write

There is a great story that I want to tell, and as soon as Krazy Karl says I can I will.  It is about the "Truck Talkers"  what we did and what I will do again should I ever make another Run For The Wall.  I hope Karl lets me tell it, it is a fun story.  This is just a tease;

Karl and I just talk to trucks on the radio, and to each other.  Typical conversation : Trucker "Holy Cow that is a lot of Bikes!  Wonder what they are doing?"  Bounce "Krazy your phone is ringing"  Krazy (He has a distinct New Hampshire accent and a deep voice that people tend to listen too) "Driver this is Run For The Wall, it is not a Rally, it is not a Party, it is a POW/MIA awareness Mission.  We started out in LA three days ago, and we will be in Washington D.C. to support Rolling Thunder in 10 days.  May God Bless the great American Truck Driver, and our Troops, if we lose either the country is lost"  Driver "Thanks for the info, God Bless you, wish I could do that"  Krazy "You can Driver, I drive 48 weeks out of the year so I can come do this for 4 weeks. Anyone can ride with us, all it takes is a little planning"  Bounce "Thanks for your patience driver, thanks for staying in the middle of your lane, the bikes know you are there and they will give you all the room you need.  You have two more platoons, and then our Missing Man Formation and you will have passed Run For The Wall.  Thanks again and God Bless you"  Driver "Thanks, keep doing it and Krazy I will see about trying to get that done next year.  If not I will think about you guys.  God Bless you for what you are doing."

That is just a minute of what it is like, and the story of how it got started has two sides, waiting on Krazy's side so I can write the full story.


Change is good?

Well the visit is over, I will be going back to work tomorrow.  The Company I work for has some great management.  I asked if I could get home more often, and the overall manger for the group I work for told me I could.  It involves getting a passport and having to go into and out of Canada.  Going in is pretty easy, coming back to my own Country is the tough part.  Our Government cannot do anything simply.  My youngest Brother is an electrician, and he said that working in Government buildings is just crazy.  They have parts of the building that are restricted (some of these restrictions are from decades ago, but have never been changed, even though the reason for the restriction are no longer present).  If he has to go into the ceiling areas of the restricted areas he has to make a not of the label and location, then he goes for a walk over about three blocks, and if they are in the office he fills out paperwork for a permit to work on that area.  A week and a half later when the permit is returned he goes back to the job site, opens the ceiling (now he has to take and submit pictures before and after, and since there is no wi fi in most of the Milwaukee VA he has to take pictures, go back to the office show them, then go back to the work site, open the ceiling panel and look for the wiring he needs to work on.    If he guessed wrong, or he has to open a panel three feet over, he has to stop work and close the ceiling up, then head back over and fill out more paperwork.  This all takes time, he has to charge this time, and so what should take about 30 minutes takes over 16 hours.  The Government requires this, and has to pay for the time.  So almost every project costs 30 times what it should.  He is there, willing to do the work, but cannot because of the way he is required to work.

This Blog is not POLITICAL, so I will not rant about how stupid the above is, make your own conclusions.

So I will get a passport and go to Canada, and will waste a lot of time coming back into the Country of my birth.  Funny thing, I do not need the passport to get into Canada, I need it to get back into the United States.

My income will decrease, have to adjust a lot of bills for that, but at least I will still have a job, and I will be able to see my Dad a little more often.  Some folks do not understand this, and in truth neither do I.  I owe him nothing, I want nothing from him, but I feel that I should be there because he asked me to be there more often.
I will still be able to train, just not the same as I used to.  Hopefully students they send will have passports, or I will have to leave them in motels on the state side and pick them up on the way back in.
As for this years Run For The Wall, I won't say I am not going to do it.  I want to but everything will have to fall exactly right.  It is not looking good right now.

Thanks for reading.