Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sorry I have not written much this year

I was just noticing that there are still folks out there that have been looking at this blog.  My Sister-In-Law calls them my rants.  Well she is probably right, she has been smart enough to keep my Brother out of trouble.  I just have not really had a lot of time lately to write.  I rode Clyde last in May, and have not even seen that darn bike since then.  He is in really good care and has been getting ridden regularly by a friend of mine.  He needs two new tires, and probably an oil change and tune up before this May. 
The other day I met a Legion Rider at the Petro Truck Stop outside Kingman Arizona.  I mentioned the Run to him, and he told me that he had heard of it.  I told him to check out the forum.  His Legion Riders Group organizes one of the Over Pass displays we ride under, so he knows about the Run, he stated that he thought he should do it.  He was a little surprised when I told him that he could probably do the whole thing for less than a $1000.00 if he planned on camping.

I started thinking about that.  The Run doesn't really cost anything but time and a little cash.  For me the mission itself if pretty important.  Reading and posting on the forum for can be fun, and there are so many new folks posting every day.  I look back on the seven years that I have done this run, and actually its eight years cause I did things in 2010 to support them even though I could not make the trip that year.  All seven rides were good, and I enjoyed them.

Here is a warning to any and all that participate in Run For The Wall, it is an addicting thing, and if you participate even in one leg, eventually you will be back and do more and more. If you ever join us your life will be changed for the good forever.  The folks that do the Run are one big family.  Sometimes dysfunctional but a family that loves and cherishes all its members. That is a good thing.
We cannot let our leaders forget the people that have been left behind.  This will be the twenty fifth year of Rolling Thunder, and the twenty fourth Run For the Wall.  Thank you to all that have served our country, and all that have kept our mission alive all these years.  Till they all come home.  Never forget Freedom is not Free.  Some day we won't have to ride to D.C. anymore because our demand for an accounting and return of the missing will be answered.  Until then we ride, and that to is a good thing.