Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wyoming is cool, hot, wet, and snowy, all in the same day

Today Dixie the Wander dog and I are sitting in Wyoming. Since this morning we have had rain, high winds, snow, hail, sunshine. I was sitting here thinking that Mother Nature was just practicing for next winter. Then I saw five or six motorcycles roll in to the truck stop. They were all in rain gear. After they fueled and went in for some food the sun came out. It has been nice since. Maybe Mother Nature likes motorcyclists? I hope they get to where they are going safely.

That is about it for today.

The poll is going well, two yes, and one no so far. I do not guess it matters much. I probably won't link back to the RFTW web page this year. But it is interesting to see that at least three folks have read what I am writing.

Dave Talley

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Report that this years Run is over was a little premature

Yesterday after I posted I saw two very familiar bikes headed west on Interstate 70. I saw a white trike with a VW engine, and a trailer followed by a brown Harley. This couple were definitely on the Central Route of Run for the Wall. In fact I helped push start the trike in Hurricane WV when its alternator quit working, and the Harley, well that thing blew up on the way to Lewisburg, VA. That I found out about on Saturday in DC when the rider of that bike rolled up on a brand new Ultra. His bike was in the shop at Shenandoah Harley. When the owner found out that this guy would have to ride on the back of his wife's trike, he decided to give him a three day demonstration ride. They looked like they were rolling pretty good so I guess they got the Harley fixed OK. I blew my Air Horn and waved, but I doubt that either of them knew it was me. If they read this they will know. I have received emails, and calls from others, and POP TOP was in the chat room so I think he is home too. I also got a call from the WV coordinator for next year. He has a tough act to follow, Krispy has done great in that job for the last five years that I have been involved in the Run. But since he works in an office that looks over where we park when the Governor takes his picture with us I think he will do fine.

One last thought for today, the poll is going a little different that I expected. Three votes, one no and two yes. How ever it turns out I will be thinking hard about reconnecting this blog to the CR web page. I may never have the chance to do it, but hearing how the readers that I have feel about it is important to me. Thanks,

Dave Talley

Monday, June 1, 2009

This years Run is Over, time to plan for next year

Well I have been back in the Big Red Truck for a week. I have seen many many bikes headed west in the last couple of days. Some had Run patches, some did not. I just say a prayer that all of them get where they are going dry, safe, and happily.

I am in Ohio today, and will be headed to California, again. I want to thank everyone that reads this blog. I could use some comments on what you think about it. I am going to put up a simple poll. It will be should I relink this to the Run For The Wall Web pages? I think everyone that reads it regularly knows how to find it, but I need to know if people think that new folks will like to read it or not.

The only comment that I have gotten lately was that my rants and tirades were terrible.
I did not realize I was ranting, but maybe I was. That is the reason the link was pulled.

So let me know. I am planning on doing the whole Run next year. If Judy goes with me I will be in hotels, if she doesn't I will camp. Camping is tough, but more rewarding and worth the extra work.


Some may know that I dropped Clyde on the way to Corydon, IN. Some may not. Nothing really hurt, people were amazed that there was no visible damage to Clyde. My personal pride was in the Critical Care Ward, on Life Support for a while, but seems to be recovering nicely. I will take a motorcycle safety course this year and will aid it in healing.

OK That is it for today

Dave Talley