Friday, April 22, 2011 » Patriot Guard Riders Drown Out Westboro Baptist Church Protesters » Patriot Guard Riders Drown Out Westboro Baptist Church Protesters

The riders in this video are true patriots. They do not protest against the protestors, they simply attend funerals at the request of the family. But I have never heard a protestor that could shout over the sound of a few Harley's with open pipes.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

This is what it means to be part of the RFTW Family

This video is of a delivery of a bike that was shipped by a participant of Run For The Wall.
His son had asked the shop to check the carb out for him. When the shop got the bike and heard that the owner was a Vet who had been fighting cancer for fifteen years they decided to do something great. They completely rebuilt the bike and custom painted things that the owner had magnetically stuck to his tank. This is awesome, and it is one of the reasons this writer is dedicated to Run For The Wall.

No one asked these folks to do this, they just thought it was the right thing to do. America is really a beautiful place if you look


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Then there are bikes that should not be on the road

May is getting closer, and my friends are chomping at the bit to get going on our mission

Even though some of them are still getting snowed on a lot of bikes are already packed. Clyde is ready to go, I just have to go find him, then pack everything into him and fill him up and roll. A word to the wise to any and all, but especially FNG's, when packing make sure you are going to use what you pack. Other than clothes I do not bring anything that I am not going to use every day. I do keep a can of fix a flat on Clyde that I hope I never need, but that and a small tool kit are the only two things I pack that I do not use every day. Less is better when packing on a bike. My first year, way back in 2005 I had a full size military duffel that was packed to the gills. You see I read the packing list and packed pretty much every thing suggested. When my wife and Dad showed up with my pickup truck I loaded that big old bag, It was like having a passenger, into the truck. I learned my lesson, and have been passing it along every chance I get. If you are not going to use something everyday, don't take it.
Ride safe and stay visible, there is safety in numbers, but most of us will be doing at least 1000 miles alone until we meet up with various west bound groups. Take care, and for my trucking friends please please remember these folks need to be watched over, a lot of them, especially me have not ridden since last year, so if they make a mistake, forgive them and take care of them.

For the FNG's welcome to the family, this ride will change your life. To the fence sitters, what are you waiting for, get it done.


Was theCold War for real

There is a movement, and a pretty serious one at that, to make up a ribbon for those of us that served during the cold war. There were a lot of shooting matches, and out right battles during the cold war. We lost a lot of troops during that time. It lasted from just after WWII until the early 90's. There is a ribbon designed for it, and a few Congressmen and Senators that have started a bill.

I served during the Cold War. It was a time of training, and getting ready for a real shooting war. Many of my friends were hurt, and I even lost a few during this time. One of the people that I have dedicated this years run too died in a chopper crash in Sturgis South Dakota during the Cold War. His fire team was in support of a Missile movement at F.E. Warren AFB, when the chopper went down. He actually tried to save his fire team, and threw one of his fire team members from the chopper as it was going down. That young lady survived the crash with some pretty bad injuries, but my friend is credited with saving her life.

That is just one of many stories of people that gave their all for the safety and security of the country.
I lost another friend at Langley AFB when the vehicle he was in rolled over. He saved two people's lives and was killed when the hatch he had been using to save folks closed on him.

So my question is "Was the Cold War for real?" Or did these folks that gave their all die for nothing?

I know it was real, and a few of my friends think that groups like the VFW should welcome our generation into their ranks. I just recently found that because of Desert Storm, and Operation Provide Comfort (also know as Northern Watch) I am eligible to join the VFW, in fact the military even considers me a combat veteran, even though I do not.
So let me know what you think


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