Thursday, February 26, 2015

Run for the Wall Central Route 2014 BOUNCE Video

I recorded this video last year and Gallupe posted it for me on You Tube  unedited, I was not really aware that my comments were being picked up by the camera, and things that I know, but could not think of at the time were LEO Liaison stands for Law Enforcement Officer Liaison ( I said LEO thingy) but most know what I meant.  Then the statement that this was the best the pack had been in 20 years came from a veteran road guard who had been on the Run about 21 times, and 20 of those were as a road guard, so I repeated that.  I was actually talking to folks next to me explaining what they were seeing.  My recommendation is turn the volume down and just watch the bikes.  We had a little over 350 bikes that day, which seems to be the normal number on our route.  We are a little larger in New Mexico, and from Wentzville  MO on we are definitely a larger group.pretty much all the way into D.C.

So enjoy and comments are welcome, moderated here, but you can comment on you tube all you want.



Well time to get back in here and clean the dust off the keyboard.  Thanks to any and all that have looked at this Blog.   I do not write here as much as I used too, but then I have been busy working.

First and foremost today I want to thank everyone who sent Condolences about my Dad passing in Sept.  He was a good man, a good Dad, and a good friend to me in his later years.  I still miss him a lot.

This blog is not dedicated to the Run For The Wall, but the writer is.  I have said that before, and it seems that I cannot say it enough.  What a great mission we have.  When in 2004 my younger Brother, Bob Shoreparty Talley, told me about it I did not even have a motorcycle.  My Dad encouraged me to get one, and my Brother may have pushed a little too.  In fact The Old Marine actually went shopping for Bikes with me on several occasions, and in several states.   In 2004 we looked at and rode bikes in Seattle, and in Milwaukee, and of course I could not decide what I wanted.

Well then in February of 2005 after talking to the Old Marine on the phone (he did not have that nickname then, he got it later that a year in Corydon, IN)  I decided that I should look for a used Yamaha Royal Star Venture, cause it was what my Brother had and because my Dad liked that bike, both for its looks and cause my Brother liked his.

I and my Wife Judy stopped in at Donahue Super Sports in Wisconsin Rapids, WI to see what they had.  That is where I found Clyde, the motorcyle (yeah I know that is spelled wrong, but hey motorcycles can't read anyway), He was new but almost a year old, and the price and warranty were right.  When I asked about the bike, the salesman told me that it had just sold, but he had others.  I looked around the shop, there were a couple of teenagers looking at helmets, and my Wife in there.  So I asked "Sold? what did some one call in on the phone and close the deal? Because I doubt those kids bought it."  The salesman laughed and pointed at Judy and said that lady just wrote out a check, and said she did not care if her husband liked it or not the rear seat was comfy.  I looked at him and smiled then looked at the price and told him thanks.   A few weeks later I picked up Clyde and the rest is history.

I have been involved with Run For The Wall for 11 years now, and have done 7 all the way trips, and participated 2 times, once in 05 from Colorado to DC, and in 2009, or 2010 (cant remember which) from Angel Fire NM to D.C.   The Old Marine participated 3 times, and had he not gotten ill on the 3rd trip he had intended to go all the way.  He started in CA that trip, but had to leave after Wentzville because he had caught a cold and could not shake it.

This yeat I will have his RFTW Hat with me, and will be taking it all the way across for him, and in memory of him.  I will take that hat to the Wall for him, and then I will leave it at the Korean War Memorial in Memory of him.   Having that hat in my truck since he passed has been a little emotional, but I think he will be pleased.  I am not dedicating my Run to him, because in a sense all my Runs have been because of him.  He and I were not close when I was younger, but as I got older, he got wiser.

In the coming weeks I will be chronicling my preparations for this years 27th annual RFTW.  There will be pictures, and if I can figure out how to do it maybe even some video blogs.   I am not very computer literate so those will be a challenge.
I am going to add a you tube video here from last year.  Turn down the volume (I happen to believe the speaker has no idea what he is talking about {of course that speaker is me}, but the video is pretty cool).
It will be in the next post.

Clyde is still in the shop, getting a new Transmission, because I down shifted to 1st gear at too fast a speed one too many times for him, but he will be good asa new in May.

Comments are welcome.  If you would like to see something here tell me, I moderate the comments cause in May the kids at Rainelle WV read this so I redact some words and will edit adult content.  But otherwise they are posted positive or negative in their entirety.