Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Made it to Rancho in one piece, but tired

PhotoI am in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, lots of things going on today.  I am the Official Truck Communication Liaison.  Fancy words for loud mouth truck driver with a good CB.  But it is a job, and I do it well.  Miss Krazy, but hey.
The reason for the picture is of course I was in the Air Force, and this is a trailer and bike that is on the Run.  I thought it was really cool, and it is.  Not sure what year car it is supposed to represent, and I do not even know who owns it, but it is way way cool.

Tomorrow we depart.  I stopped to buy an "All The Way 2013" patch last night, and they were completely sold out.  I got one today because their reorder came in, but that is scary cause that means a lot of people are going all the Way to DC from here.  Estimate this morning was abut 550 bikes on each route.  We have a police escort out of here, and the San Bernadino County Sheriff is taking us through the Yermo, CA Marine Corps base on our way to Barstow, CA. it is a few extra miles, we have never done it before, but he is the guy escorting and he has a badge and a gun, who are we to argue?

Shore Party is getting a VERY Positive Response to his CD for the Kids at Rainelle, WV.

OK gotta cut this one short, lots of meeting to attend then early to bed, early to rise, tomorrow we Ride For Those Who Can't.


Additional Memo to Clyde, you will be running on 91 octane for the next 10 days, get used to it pal, I will mix it with cheap stuff at the night stops just to keep you from back firing too much,.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Colorado Springs to Richfield UT

Today was a 540 mile day.  My Brother, and Sister-In-Law, left Colorado Springs at 0745.  We met my niece in Denver, and then my Brother and I went on to Idaho Springs.  We met two other riders there.  After some gas, and a quick Hi how are ya, we headed west.

The weather was great.  The other two guys were in the Navy and the Army.  No one thought about it till we got to Green River UT, but the 4 of us represent each branch of the armed forces.  My Brother Bob is a Marine (OK he retired Army, but was in the Marines 7 years) and once a Marine, always a Marine.  The other two one's road name is River Rat, he was in the Navy.  Then the other Bob, was in the Army.  Going to try for a picture of the four of us tomorrow.  All of us have our Branch of service posted on our vests, and I think we all have hats too.  Not sure.

At dinner my Brother met a fellow Marine, and gave him one of the CD's that he is trying to raise money with for the Rainelle School in WV.  He just gave them one because the older of the two is a Veteran of both Korea and Vietnam.  After they read the words of the song they donated some money to the cause.  My Brother did not expect that, but he was pretty happy about it.  He then gave an American flag made of beads that a friend of his had made, then he gave a wrist band to the waitress.  After dinner while were getting ready to go buy gas, a lady from Iowa asked if we were legion riders.  Bob, not my Brother, the other Bob said he was.  We then took a few minutes to tell her what we were doing, gave her some cards, and my Brother gave her a CD to share with the Legion Riders at home. 

The CD is pretty powerful  The song is about the Run, and what we do.  There are some kids reciting the Pledge, and a poem written by a Air Force retired CMSGT  who has since passed.  The poem is for POW/MIA's and alone will make you cry.  That coupled with two versions of the song and topped off with John Wayne's recording of the Pledge, and what it means, makes for a very powerful thing.

So the Armed Forces Brigade (just made that up) will be kickstands up at 0730 and in Rancho Cucamonga sometime after noon. 

Great weather, good riding, great companionship.  It doesn't get much better than this.