Sunday, July 26, 2009

There are still some honest folks out there

Yesterday while starting my big truck and pulling away from a loading dock I heard a loud snap. Then I noticed that my electrical system was discharging. I parked the truck out of the way and opened the hood. What I saw was pretty ugly. The main Serpentine belt that drives my Air Conditioning and alternator had busted. On further examination I noticed that my Air Conditioning compressor pulley was a little crooked, and of course it would not turn either. The Alternator, and other pulley that the belt goes around turned just fine. I called my company Road Rescue, and good old Elvis said he had a guy in the area that could fix it for me. This was good as a big truck will not go very far without an alternator. Well the guy came out, and did not have a belt that would fit. This in itself was amazing as he must have had at least sixty different belts with him. He made some measurements and said he would be back. He was gone for almost five hours, but when he came back he had the right size belt. When I asked him where he went, he told me that he had driven about 200 miles round trip looking for that belt. He then told me not to worry he takes care of the Owner Operators that let him work on their trucks. I was expecting a really big bill for this repair, but he charged me the minimum, and cut the miles that he drove down to what they were from his home to my truck. In short I was expecting it to cost about three times what he charged me. He told me that he wanted to be fair about it, and he wanted to keep my business. Well believe me I will be keeping his card, and if anyone in his area breaks down and asks I will give them his number. Elvis from our shop told me that this guy was great, and he was right. I do not have any Air Conditioning, but the truck runs great. This man could have charged over $500.00 and got it, but he charged less than half of that.
So what could have been a miserable day turned out to be a pretty good day.