Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Home safe and dry....hoping everyone else makes it home safe too

I left Washington D.C. Sunday, and arrived home Monday night late.  I traveled with Cheetos and his wife to Effingham, Illinois, then went north to Wisconsin.

We had a good trip, and I enjoy talking with Kenneth Neufeld.  He is one of those great folks that I just cannot get enough of.  We are friends because of the run, but would be friends if we had met anywhere, because he is just good to get along with.
He is always smiling, and he rides great.  I enjoyed his company and that of his wife Carol.  
It was a long trip, but too short too.

Well there is always next year.    Anyone can ride with us go to the rftw.org web page, look around get on  the forum and ask questions, make a plan save a little cash and come along next year.  You don't have to go all the way, you can do one day, or one leg, it all costs the same $30.00.  The riding is tough, but the stops and the people at them are great.  The support is awesome.  I did not have to pay for a meal till I got to Lewisburg, WV, and I ate 3 days free in D.C. because the Arlington Assembly of God Church feeds all who camp there.  I did donate some cash to that cause, but it was way less than I would have spent in restaurants  for 3 days.

We raised over $12000.00 dollars in 8 days for the school kids at Rainele WV.  So it was a good trip.
Next year,, well I am already planning on it, so is everyone else in the core of 300 or so who keep coming back every year.

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