Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mission accomplished

Run for the wall 27, 2015 is complete for me.  We start every day with a Prayer, the Pledge and a rememberance of why we ride. The last few years we do one remembrance from Vietnam (the one I had this year was of an Air Fofce Major whose remains have been found and returned. His name is on panel 16W line 63) we then do a rememberance of men and women lost in the Global war on terror.
This year as I stated in a previous post I rode in honor of my Dad, the Old Marine.  He loved this Run, this Route and this Mission.  He once said that the Vietnam Veterans got a raw deal.  My friend Eamon said that the Australian Vietnam Vets were treated badly becauseit was not considered a war.

This year I adressed a lot, and I do not know if I will do this run again. If I do my Dad will be with me.  I will have his memory forever, and I will keep missing him. We didn't always have good times and the bad times were sometimes horrible, but I think I will try to remember all the good times.

Thank you Dad for the life I do have.  I  love you and I miss you.

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